Daily habits to protect your health

It is so important and also so simple to protect your health every day

Our well-being, energy levels and a strong immune system are the basic components of a pleasant and productive daily life. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of health-related daily habits and has brought forward individual responsibility as a priority.

But how can we fortify our bodies and feel more shielded?
Below are five ways to do that, which are consistently confirmed by scientific research.


Proper diet

The importance of a healthy diet is well known. Fruit and vegetables have proved to be powerful allies for a strong immune system. If you find it difficult to strictly observe a nutrition program, at least make sure you add some servings of fruit and vegetables to your daily diet. Cut down on junk food, fats, and smoking, as much as possible, and eliminate sugar from your daily diet. Moreover, do not forget to drink plenty of water on a daily basis.


The benefits of exercise are not restricted to an elegant physique. Movement strengthens the body and protects it by strengthening the immune system. There are various theories about how much one should exercise or walk. But even a half-hour daily walk is enough to feel better and get accustomed to regular exercise. You can gradually pick up pace and set new goals.

Daily Habits to Protect Your Health


An ever-increasing amount of research is proving the importance of quality sleep in our lives. Sleep is a natural process, necessary for physical and mental health. It improves the function of the nervous system, strengthens the immune system, renews cells and improves our mood. It is therefore very important to maintain a healthy daily sleep schedule.


Stress is without doubt one of the main causes of various diseases. Experts suggest trying to find your own outlets, a sport or an activity that will give you the opportunity to relax and decompress. Laugh, meet friends who fill you with positive energy, play with your children and, in general, invest as much time as you can in activities that relieve you from the worries of daily life.


Prevention saves lives. Annual check-ups are of decisive importance for serious illnesses.

Consistency in performing health checks is the least people can do to protect themselves.

Find out about the existing health programs that cover vital needs.

A good example is the Full Prevention primary health care program of Ethniki Insurance for prevention, early diagnosis and healthcare. The program is available from the branch network of NBG, as well as through Internet Banking. 
It includes:

  • Free preventive health checks for women, men, and children.
  • Free annual checkup and special packages of preventive tests and services at preferential rates, offered by Diagnostic Centers of the Affidea Group that are affiliated with Ethniki Insurance.
  • Molecular detection test (PCR) for coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) with only a token financial contribution by the insured.

Health is life’s most precious gift, and we should choose to protect it.



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