How to relieve financial burdens

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Life is full of changes. It has ups and downs; sometimes things go smoothly, and other times they get rough. Misfortunes, difficulties, and the unknown, are part of life.

The protracted recession in Greece, followed by the global pandemic, and other adverse circumstances have negatively impacted the finances of many individuals, increasing their loan and credit card debt concerns. On the other hand, life also brings many joyful events, like the creation of a family, or the beginning of academic studies. But even such happy developments in life bring about extra costs, which can add to preexisting financial obligations and continuously multiply. 

Difficult circumstances require composure and reason. When faced with challenging situations, it’s worth focusing on the good things around us, hence becoming able to discern the right solutions. 
Get organized. Jot down your expenses, financial obligations, and revenue sources. Examine whether you can make cuts and implement them. In other words, it is important to have a budget and follow it closely.

Inform the people close to you of your situation and share the burden. You never know who might be able to offer help, when or how. Support, for example, could come in the form of a little time together or via somebody’s willingness to share a similar experience with you. 

Stay informed about financial programs, tools and solutions that could offer a way out. Don’t forget that financial burdens and worries are very common, and that is why experts exist that can offer professional help and guidance towards a targeted solution suitable for your needs.

Weight Off Your Shoulders’, for example, a program offered by NBG, can lighten the load of consumer loans and credit card debt by offering a single, combined installment payment schedule, well below the amount you may have been obliged to pay until now. This program’s interest rate is reduced by half a percentage point every six months, up to twelve times, if installment payment delays do not exceed 30 days. 

Like the above program, there are also other tools and ways of coping for you to decongest or even eliminate your debts.

There is a way and we are here to show it to you. 


How To Relieve Financial Problems

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