Tips for smart and cost-saving shopping

Read about simple habits to shop smarter and have profit
Shopping constitutes a means of relief, entertainment and absolute pleasure for some, and merely a process leading to an end for others. Either way, it is an integral part of daily life with its rules, pitfalls, demands and secrets.

Don’t rush

Take your time and conduct thorough market research to not only find the best price, but also to see as much as possible of what the market has to offer. Impulsive shopping rarely proves to be successful. Surf the internet, go out to the shops, compare prices and closely examine or try items that may interest you. Give yourself time to think before deciding and proceed with your purchase only when you feel absolutely certain about it.

Value for money

One of the most important shopping rules is the value-for-money factor. Shoppers need to determine whether the item being considered is worth its price, whether its quality, design or relevance justifies the cost. Evaluate carefully, especially if the prospective purchase involves a considerable amount of money.

Tips for smart shopping

Sales season

The sales season, needless to say, is an ideal time to shop. But special offers, too, can have hidden traps. Use your judgment to determine if any discount offer is truly worth or whether it is just a misleading market gimmick.

Sales seasons are the perfect time to make more financially demanding purchases such as computers, furniture, household appliances, tech gadgets, brand-name fashion and accessories, or bed mattresses. Buying such products, usually long-lasting and expensive, during sales seasons will save you money.  

Do you really need it?

A purchase is considered successful if you get your fully money’s worth out of it. Before making any move to buy, think seriously about whether you really need the item that has captured your attention, how you intend to use it, when and how often. If satisfied by the results of your self-examination, then head to the cash register.

Set a budget

Before heading out to the shops or beginning your online market research, calculate how much money you can afford to spend and remain true to your budget plan.

Use your bank card

Every time you go shopping, you could be creating conditions for your next time out to the shops! If using a National Bank of Greece card, make the most of its go4more benefits by shopping and automatically earning reward points. These points can be cashed in at thousands of affiliated shops all around Greece, or utilized for discount offers. In other words, you can buy now to be able to buy more later.

Extra bonus tip

The wisest approach you can take is to begin you market research for the item you are interested in buying at shops affiliated with the go4more reward program, in order to earn reward points that translate to discounts while shopping.

Shopping is an art in itself, requiring time, judgment, logic, and, of course, a bank card that will offer you benefits. So that you don’t regret your purchases! 

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