Suggestions and tips for an awesome road trip

Learn how to make your car trip even better
A successful road trip, filled with images, landscape variations, adventure and fun, lives on as an unforgettable experience. Regardless of its duration, or number of cities or countries covered, certain tips will always prove useful for safe and enjoyable travelling.  

Have your vehicle checked 

Having your vehicle thoroughly checked before you take off is a given. Arrange for an inspection with your mechanic. Make sure the oil, tyre pressure, brakes, battery, radiator, windscreen wipers and spare tyre are all checked. Also ensure that nothing is missing from your vehicle’s first aid kit. Also clear out any unnecessary items as the extra space created will come in handy. 

Be well rested

Driving requires a clear mind and road trips must be approached with a positive frame of mind. Make sure you have slept well the night before departure for energy and endurance, especially if you are the driver.

Don’t forget the necessary documents

Depending on where you are headed, make sure you have all necessary documents such as your ID, passport, driver’s license and vehicle license. If travelling abroad, find out if you will need to take along any additional documents for the car or your passengers.

Petrol stations

Making note, ahead of departure, of petrol station points along your route, or having a rough idea of their locations, will prove very useful during your journey. Having a picture beforehand will eliminate any fuel shortage risks and also enable you to estimate stops for any needs that may arise along the way.

Suggestions for an Unforgettable Road-Trip

Planning or spontaneity

Planning your road trip or adopting a more spontaneous approach depends on your character. Some individuals enjoy spontaneity and complete freedom. Others prefer to plan everything in advance. If belonging to the latter category, make sure you have made accommodation reservations and don’t forget to inform the management of your estimated time of arrival. But keep in mind, irrespective of how you prefer to operate, spontaneity is a basic feature of road trips. It’s good to have a schedule, but keep it relaxed, so that it may allow for freedom.


It’s important to have cash on you, not necessarily a large amount, but enough to feel safe and capable of covering needs that may arise if payment through a POS terminal is not possible.


Carrying food or snacks with you is essential if on the road for many hours. Prefer light snacks offering energy for your trip rather than heavier food that could end up weighing you down. And don’t forget to take water. A cooler bag or portable refrigerator is ideal for your trip, enabling you to carry any food or drink with safety.


Shortly before departing, check that you have all the essentials such as power banks covering all devices, clothes for various weather conditions, and snow chains, if required by the season and region you are covering. Even though GPS systems are an integral part of our daily lives, also being equipped with maps on road trips is advisable. Make sure your map is recent so that it can provide reliable directions if your GPS fails in certain areas or your batteries are down.

Environmental awareness

Naturally, respect the environment. Always carry litter bags that can be disposed of at rubbish bins when you make stops. 

A road trip is fulfilling and enjoyable if travelling with good company. Make sure your travel partners are people you get along with, especially if your schedule includes outdoor activities or is based more on adventure. A travel partner, if you’re travelling by car, plays an important navigating role should a map need to be used, and, if agreed to, can share the trip’s driving duties. 

A road trip means enjoyment, favorite music, and terrific scenery.


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