Mishaps. They’re what make a trip memorable… just not always for the right reasons

Read about useful ways in which your credit card can improve your travel experience!

It’s a widespread belief that to travel is to adventure. For it to be fun though, a time that you’ll regale with joy and not in “horror”, it might be wise to plan some “redundancy” against any potential mishaps.

So, you’ve booked tickets well in advance and at a good rate. You’ve arranged your leave perfectly. You’ve meticulously organised your transportation to and from the airports. You’ve booked your accommodation and made a list of everything you will need to bring with you. You’ve planned your sightseeing, dining, and entertainment down to the tee. Yes, it would appear you are well on your way to making everything run smoothly! But with a credit card in hand and all the well-known and little-known advantages it provides, you are guaranteed so much more.

What about loss or damage?

Tales of damaged or misplaced luggage are all too common when travelling by air and other means. If you’re lucky, it’s a matter of hours; if not, it could be days before you see your luggage again, leading to costly and – most importantly – mood-robbing moments.

A delayed flight, or even worse, a vacation cancellation, are prime examples of situations that might squander time, money, or even cause you to miss crucial appointments.

Last but not least, we all wish to avoid bodily injury or property damage, yet it’s within the realm of possibilities when we leave the comfort of our homes to go on a trip.

For all the reasons listed above, a travel insurance policy may prove to be far more useful than you could have ever imagined.

Are you insured for travelling and not aware of it?

Using a credit card to pay for a trip may also entitle you to the advantages of the travel insurance that is already available to you, in addition to the typical conveniences offered, like paying in instalments or making reservations in advance. Compensation for delays, lost baggage, property damage, and the expansion of insurance to cover rental cars are some of the options accessible to you.

How does this compare to traditional travel insurance policies?

Traditional travel insurance plans have several restrictions. People who were hurt prior to a trip, for instance, are typically not covered for any type of harm that could happen again, and the additional expense is typically met by the insured. Additionally, unlike certain credit cards, many standard travel insurance policies do not provide any assistance for automotive rentals, which are one of the most significant and frequent travel-related activities.

The benefits don’t end there

It goes without saying that owning a credit card offers a wide range of helpful perks, many of which are crucial during travel, such as interest-free instalments and instant access to cash, in addition to all the aforementioned benefits that are especially relevant to travel.

Understanding the perks of your credit card allows you to be more organised and make better decisions regarding your vacation. But more importantly, it enables you to prepare for the unexpected and concentrate on all the pleasant surprises, giving you access to cash for the moments when you really need it.

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