Information about your card

  • This statement includes transactions and payments carried out and forwarded to our services by the date your credit card account was cleared. 
  • Every month, you are expected to pay at least the MINIMUM INSTALMENT. Of course, you can pay a higher amount if you wish. However, failure to pay in due time will incur default interest.
  • The Bank can assign to debtor notification companies the task of informing the debtor and/or the guarantor of their overdue debts (as per Law 3758/2009), disclosing only the personal details required, in accordance with the relevant legislation.
  • Interest is each time calculated through to the clearing date of this statement.
  • Each instalment paid covers first expenses and interest, and then the principal as quoted in the statement.


Payment of credit card dues

  • Via NBG’s ATMs using your debit card, as long as it's linked to your credit card. In case of cash payment, if the transaction is conducted after 18:00 it will receive the date of the next working day. 
  • By automatically debiting the deposit account that you hold with NBG, provided that you have duly authorized the Bank to do so.
  • In cash at the teller’s desk or at the APS in any of NBG’s branches.
  • Via Phone Banking at +30 210 4848484 using your USER ID and entering an ΟΤΡ which is sent via Viber or SMS to your mobile phone.
  • Via NBG's i-bank Internet, and Mobile Banking services.
  • At any ELTA branch by presenting the quick payment slip attached at the bottom of your statement. 
    To avoid any charge (due to a delay in the appearance of the payment in the Bank's systems), it is recommended to make the payment at least 7 working days before the due date.


Contact details

  • In case of loss or theft of your card or for any further information or clarification, call +30 210 4848484, at any time 24/7.