Information about your card

  • This statement includes transactions and payments carried out and forwarded to our services by the date your credit card account was cleared. 
  • Every month, you are expected to pay at least the MINIMUM INSTALMENT. Of course, you can pay a higher amount if you wish. However, failure to pay in due time will incur default interest.
  • The Bank can assign to debtor notification companies the task of informing the debtor and/or the guarantor of their overdue debts (as per Law 3758/2009), disclosing only the personal details required, in accordance with the relevant legislation.
  • Interest is each time calculated through to the clearing date of this statement.
  • Each instalment paid covers first expenses and interest, and then the principal as quoted in the statement.
  • The exemption from the annual fee for Gold & Black Mastercard cards applies if your annual purchases and payments made with your card exceed a predetermined limit (Gold: €7,000, Black: €12,000).
    To calculate the above limit, cleared transactions of the primary and any additional cards for purchases, payments to organizations (such as DEH, mobile, insurance, etc.), and standing orders are taken into account. In the case of installment transactions, only matured installments are considered. Refunds, payments of confirmed public debts (ENFIA, cadastre, road tax etc.), and other types of transactions such as cash withdrawals, balance transfers, card debt payments, etc., are not included.
    You can monitor the progress of your transactions in real-time through the bank's Internet Banking service by selecting 'Package Management.'


Payment of credit card dues

  • Via NBG’s ATMs using your debit card, as long as it's linked to your credit card. In case of cash payment, if the transaction is conducted after 18:00 it will receive the date of the next working day. 
  • By automatically debiting the deposit account that you hold with NBG, provided that you have duly authorized the Bank to do so.
  • In cash at the teller’s desk or at the APS in any of NBG’s branches.
  • Via Phone Banking at +30 210 4848484 using your USER ID and entering an ΟΤΡ which is sent via Viber or SMS to your mobile phone.
  • Via NBG's i-bank Internet, and Mobile Banking services.
  • At any ELTA branch by presenting the quick payment slip attached at the bottom of your statement. 
    To avoid any charge (due to a delay in the appearance of the payment in the Bank's systems), it is recommended to make the payment at least 7 working days before the due date.


Contact details

  • In case of loss or theft of your card or for any further information or clarification, call +30 210 4848484, at any time 24/7.