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If you're a user of NBG e-services, take advantage of the i-bank Mobile Banking app, which enables you to carry out your banking transactions by simply tapping on your smartphone or tablet:

24/7 service, even when you're on the move, wherever you're connected to the internet.
• high level of security, without any data saved on your mobile
Practical: free of charge or at very low rates
transactions that support the "building" of your tax threshold  
go4more reward program
friendly user interface

i-bank Mobile Banking offers you:

​We provide you with detailed information on your deposits, cards, loans, shares, and go4more points. Find out where the nearest NBG Branch/ATM is located.
​Carry out fund transfers and remittances, payments to the State and corporations, stock market transactions, donations and more.
​Pay your credit card and load/unload your prepaid card at any time.

​Find out about the tax threshold you've reached by virtue of your transactions performed using NBG cards and i-bank services, and have total control over your finances!

​Install the app by downloading the link compatible with your device:

The app requires iOS 9 or later and Android 4.0.3 or later.

The installation of the app is offered free of charge. Data rates depend on the pricing policy of your network provider.

  • Registration
    If you are already NBG customer, you can subscribe to the Bank's Internet & Mobile Banking services from your mobile phone without visiting a NBG Branch.

    Download the NBG mobile banking application on your mobile and just a few steps away, you get i-bank passwords to access Internet & Mobile Baking services.
    All you need is an active NBG's Debit Card.

    If you are not a customer visit a Bank Branch and you will be immediately served.

    Find out about the required ID verification documents at "Have you introduced yourselves? If not ... do it now."

  • Activating the SMS i-code service
    After registering your mobile number will be linked to the SMS i-code service in order to receive the one-time passwords (OTP) that are required for secure completion of your transactions.
  • Creating a password
    If you're a new user of the i-bank Internet /Phone /Mobile Banking services you must create a password via i-bank Internet Banking.

    Visit our webpage at www.nbg.gr/en and go to "Internet Banking/Login retail" in order to login to the homepage of the service.
    Then select "New user? Click here" and follow the instructions displayed on your screen to create a password.
  • Downloading the i-bank Mobile Banking app
    Download and activate the i-bank Mobile Banking app on your mobile/tablet.

    For instructions on how to install the app please select the link compatible with your device:

     iPhoneTM & iPod Touch®                 AndroidTM  
  • Getting started & Transactions
    Use your UserID and Password in order to enter the app. Follow the instructions and select the transaction you wish to carry out.

    For non-money functions an OTP is NOT required.

    An OTP SMS i-code is required for the completion of money transactions. The code is sent via SMS to the mobile number that you stated when you registered for the i-bank services.

    A 3-digit check number is displayed on your mobile screen upon completion of the transaction. This 3-digit number should be the same as the 3-digit check code sent in the SMS.
  • Getting a receipt for your transaction
    A confirmation receipt for the payment or transfer is received upon completion of the transaction, either on your mobile (by selecting and downloading the pdf file on the upper-right corner) or via the "User Journal" option.
  • Useful information
     - Transactions are free of charge or at very low rates. To get more information tap here.
       Data rates depend on the pricing policy of your phone network provider.

     - Agreement for the Provision of Banking Services through Alternative Networks.

  • Which devices are compatible with the Mobile Banking app?
    The i-bank Mobile Banking app is compatible with:

     - iPhone, iPad that run on iOS 9 or later
     - Android all Android devices that run on 4.0.3 or later
  • I entered the wrong password and got locked out of Mobile Banking. What should I do?
    To use the i-bank Mobile Banking app you must enter the same UserID and password that you use for the NBG Internet Banking app.

    If you enter a wrong password 4 consecutive times, the system locks you out.

    If your password is blocked, you should call us at:
    - 18 18 18 (NBG’s Call Center) in order to be issued with a new one.
    or you can contact us via email in order to help you recover your password.

    Remember: if you get locked out of the i-bank Mobile Banking, you will automatically be locked out of the Internet Banking app too.
  • How can I cancel a payment or money transfer which I carried out through Mobile Banking?
    Cancelling a specific payment or recalling a money transfer can be performed only via i-bank Internet Banking and provided this option is available for the specific transaction, in accordance with the deadlines stated in Internet Banking.

    Note that when you cancel a transaction, any related processing charges that have already been collected cannot be refunded.
  • I don't see all or some of my accounts/credit cards in the Mobile Banking app
    In the i-bank Mobile Banking app you can see the same accounts/credit cards that are connected to your i-bank Internet Banking.

    If you want to see more accounts and/or credit cards, please call: 18 18 18 and say "Mobile Banking" in order to be put through to one of our agents and receive help.
  • Can I get receipts for the transactions I perform via Mobile Banking?
    You can get a receipt for your transaction (payment or transfer) upon completion of the transaction either direct to your mobile device (by selecting and downloading the pdf file, tapping on the symbol in the upper-right corner of the screen) or via the "User Journal" option.