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NBG Developer Portal presents technology issues regarding banks and tech companies active in the sphere of FinTech.

We address technology firms, any third-party independent developer of applications and technology solutions, and any natural persons that are interested in using our API services, whether on an experimental basis or for applying such technology to productive processes. Through the portal we develop collaboration with people and companies that will be asked to link their systems to banking infrastructures.

Our goal is to support our customers and associates in managing technological change, so that they will be in a position to effectively serve their final users/customers’ needs. A key function of the Developer Portal is to keep our customers and partners continuously in the know about technology products and services that are produced and distributed both by NBG and the network of our associates.

​In January 2018 the European Directive PSD2 was introduced, by which all European banks are required to provide access to API services that will allow their customers to have access to their banking data through third-party developer applications. This access concerns accounts and services that the Banks already provide to their customers via their electronic delivery channels (Ιnternet and Μobile Βanking). In addition, it covers access to and use of bank account data and account statements, as well as the possibility to carry out money transfers.

The ultimate goal is to develop new innovative services that will enable bank customers to use and exploit their data in a secure way and with a focus on facilitating and speed up their tasks.

PSD2 was incorporated into Greek law under Law 4537/2018 in May 2018, through to autumn 2019.

Subject to the European regulatory framework governing payment services, autumn 2019 (deadline 14.9.2019) marks the date by which Greek banks should be offering access interfaces (API services) that will enable secure communication between the Bank and third-party Providers, such as Account Information Service Providers (AISPs), Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs) and Payment Service Providers issuing card-based payment instruments (CBPIIs). Accordingly, and while always maintaining the highest levels of security for our customers, it will be possible for our customers to access their account data and activity, and to carry out money transfers, through third-party apps.

In February 2019, National Bank of Greece made available the functional ability to try out APIs in a test environment for the following services, as per the regulatory framework governing payment services:

  • Account Information – AIS
  • Payment Initiation - PIS
  • Confirmation of Funds – CoF

Since 24 May 2019, NBG has been offering the said API services in a production environment.

Keeping abreast of developments and the needs such developments generate for modernization, automation and acceleration of the general transaction experience for both its retail customers and businesses that have chosen to work in partnership with it, NBG has been working, since autumn 2017, with commercial software companies active in the Greek market.

Since March 2018, via the Developer Portal, software applications have been made available to the Greek market, such as ERP systems, trade management software, and accounting systems that enable their users to connect with the accounts they hold with NBG and to execute tasks on an automated basis.

Indicatively, these tasks include:

  • payment of bills,
  • staff payroll management, 
  • payments to suppliers, 
  • settlement/clearing of customers' payments.

These are innovative services which facilitate and enhance the transaction activity of our customers. In addition, NBG continues its drive to develop and provide a steadily growing number of new services (APIs), with a view to optimizing the partnership between its systems and the business software of its customers.

Having taken every necessary security measure we ensure, together with our partner software development firms, full compliance with international regulations, which we apply to electronic channels of NBG (Internet and Μobile Βanking).