Our vision is to become the “Bank of first choice” for customers, talent, and investors. A trustworthy, human, responsive bank, that acts as a growth catalyst and unlocks potential for households, businesses, communities, and our employees.

We are the National Bank. We are:




A Growth catalyst

Guided by these values, we are a bank with an eye on the future, and our goal is to respond effectively in a constantly evolving environment. Steadfast in our commitment to a better, more viable future, we have set clear targets for our environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) pillars.

These objectives are at the core of our business strategy and transformation program and are the main elements for achieving our vision.


  • We are a leader in sustainable energy financing
  • We accelerate the transition to a sustainable economic model
  • We apply standard and environmentally responsible practices, and we are among the banks that have signed the UNEP FI Principles for Responsible Banking (PRB)


  • We defend diversity and inclusion
  • We promote practices that address well-being and public health
  • We support the Greek heritage and culture and promote creativity
  • We encourage entrepreneurship and innovation
  • We promote general well-being through learning and digital literacy

Corporate governance

  • We set the highest standards of governance
  • We ensure full transparency in everything we do

With People and Society at the core, at the National Bank of Greece, we make every effort to ensure that our activities and initiatives contribute substantially and responsibly to a better tomorrow.
In this context and with the aim of social welfare and sustainable development, we have formulated the Bank's and the Group's Sustainable Development Policy.

This Policy, fully aligned with international practices and with the existing legislative and regulatory environment requirements, establishes a solid operating framework for all parties involved.

In addition to the Sustainable Development Policy, at the National Bank of Greece, we consistently and responsibly apply the rules of the  Corporate Governance Code of the Bank and the Group,the Code of Ethics and Conduct,  and other Group Policies, ensuring an effective corporate governance and business ethics framework and remaining true to our commitment to a better future.

Together we create future. Together we step into tomorrow. 

We participate in Institutions, Organizations and International Indices.

As part of our commitment to corporate responsibility, we participate in national and international bodies with the aim of promoting sustainable development. We follow strict operating standards and commit to actions and initiatives that promote sustainability. Learn more.


Together we create the future. This is how we step into tomorrow.

Get informed through the annual ESG reports about our ways of operating. Our aim is to remain consistent in our values, by being a Human, Trustworthy, Responsive bank and constituting a Growth Catalyst, while being fully alligned with the relevant regulatory requirements.


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ESG -  Εnvironment - Society - Governance

ESG -  Εnvironment - Society - Governance

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In the heart of NBG

In the heart of NBG

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Contact Information

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Corporate Governance

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