Our focus is always on people who do business, create, and innovate.

We constantly seek to ensure that our contribution substantially impacts the country and its people, always looking ahead to the next day of Greek society. That is why we continuously evolve, embrace social change, support culture, and promote entrepreneurship and innovation.

We defend diversity and inclusion
  • We support gender equality and diversity.
  • We promote the smooth integration of groups into society
We promote practices related to well-being and public health
  • We protect the health and families of our people.
  • We support public health, well-being and sport.
We promote Greek heritage culture and support creativity
  • A pioneer in the preservation of Greek cultural heritage.
  • Promotion of contemporary Greek culture and creativity.
We promote entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Promoting entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Encourage public contributions to new projects.
We care for the well-being of the whole through learning and digital literacy
  • We encourage lifelong learning, both within and outside the organization.
  • We lead digital literacy across all age groups and constantly evolve.

We take our responsible social role seriously and undertake initiatives that promote health, work and innovation, gender equality, education, and culture. We are closely linked to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our actions for society

Every day we demonstrate consistently and practically our responsibility and concern for promoting the Greek economy, the support of society, and the protection of the environment. We make every possible effort to promote employment, decent work, economic growth, entrepreneurship, innovation, good health, education, equality, and the protection and preservation of our historical and cultural heritage.

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Corporate Social Action Program "Responsibility"

We continue our sponsorship activities in line with our human-centered character in social contribution, business ethics and the long-standing trust of the Greek society. Our Corporate Social Action "Responsibility" program, incorporates our core values both in our business planning and in our day-to-day operations, generously supporting a wide range of cultural, educational, humanitarian initiatives, as well as social activities.

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Health and education for all

Consistently and responsibly, we emphasize actions related to health and education as we are aware of their importance for society as a whole. We systematically promote well-being practices and strengthen existing public health structures. At the same time, we encourage lifelong learning within and outside our organization and care for the well-being of the whole through continuous education and digital literacy.

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Focusing on our customers

Being a pillar of stability and growth for Greece, we offer a wide range of financial products and services that aim to effectively and fully meet the ever-changing needs of our clients, both individuals and businesses, and seek their full experience and satisfaction.

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Athlete sponsorships

We actively support the journey of a generation of top Greek athletes who inspire us with their passion and perseverance. For us, every dream matters, and we know that every effort needs support to become a reality.

Our athletes

National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation

Cultural Foundation

In 1966, we created the NBG Cultural Foundation, known as MIET, an institution with the aim of developing letters, sciences, and arts.

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Historical Archive

Historical Archive

With respect to the past and with an eye to a better future, we created the Historical Archive of the National Bank of Greece, a multi-purpose center for the documentation of the country's economic, political, cultural, and social history.

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For over a century, our Library has served every user perfectly, providing valid information material and developing its role as a provider of information and knowledge.

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We remain true to our vision of a better future for all. This is how we step into tomorrow.

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ESG -  Εnvironment - Society - Governance

ESG -  Εnvironment - Society - Governance

See our actions and initiatives about sustainable growth.
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Studies and Economic Analyses

Economic Analysis and Reports

All our reports, studies, and projections are available online.
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In the heart of NBG

In the heart of NBG

Our people is our most valued investment.
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Contact Information

Contact Information

Find the contact details of the Investor Relations Division.
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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Find general information about our corporate governance.
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Our values are our guide

Our values

Human. Trustworthy. Responsive. Growth catalyst.
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