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At the National Bank of Greece, we place special importance on the implementation of high standards of corporate governance and conduct, having as our absolute priority the preservation of continuous compliance with the legislative and regulatory framework on corporate governance and the harmonization of the bank with best practices, monitoring developments and international trends formed in the context of maintaining a robust and effective Corporate Governance and Conduct Framework.

Recognizing the key importance of good corporate governance in achieving long-term sustainability and growth, the Board of Directors and the Management of the National Bank of Greece place special emphasis on the implementation of a Corporate Governance Framework that aims at the consistent implementation of the Bank's business strategy, the effective interaction with stakeholders, the identification and management of risks associated with its business activity, and compliance with the regulatory and legislative framework governing its operation.

Transparency and effective oversight in our governance arrangements, interactive communication with stakeholders and the adoption of appropriate internal regulations and safeguards consist key principles on which our Corporate Governance Framework is based.


  • The number of independent members of the Board of Directors is kept well above the minimum regulatory provisions’ threshold (with the majority of the members of the Board of Directors being independent non-executive members).
  • The Board of Directors of the Bank consists of selected members with appropriate knowledge and skills, with emphasis on the preservation of diversity and collective suitability, with members of different nationalities, gender and specialization.
  • The role of Senior Independent Director (SID) has been established, with clearly defined responsibilities that are properly integrated in the internal institutional documents of the bank.
  • We aim for the constant updating of the internal Corporate Governance Framework that we follow, by monitoring on an ongoing basis developments in the field of corporate governance, with a view to promoting maintenance of a modern and effective Corporate Governance Framework.
  • We prioritize the proper implementation of our Code of Ethics, which reflects the principles and values that the bank adheres to, promoting transparency, professional integrity and respect for customers, associates, employees and shareholders of the bank.
  • We operate in compliance with the rules, decisions, provisions, regulations and instructions of the Supervisory Authorities and ensure the existence of communication channels that enable anyone to communicate any suspected irregularities. 

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors (BoD) consists of prominent members of the international business community and society.

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Board committees

Find out about the members and activities of the human resources and remuneration, risk management, audit, corporate governance and nominations, strategy and transformation, and compliance, ethics and culture committees.

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Management and organizational structure

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Our goal is to provide a healthy and humane environment for our staff and clients. Find out about the regulations and operating principles of NBG and the Group, the Corporate Governance Framework we strictly follow, and our shareholder structure.



Assist actively our bank and Group in securing the elimination of tolerance for transactions that are inconsistent with the existing legal framework and rules of conduct.

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We adhere to the highest standards of governance and reporting in our industry.  We ensure complete transparency in everything we do.

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ESG -  Εnvironment - Society - Governance

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Studies and Economic Analyses

Economic Analysis and Reports

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In the heart of NBG

In the heart of NBG

Our people is our most valued investment.
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Contact Information

Contact Information

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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

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Our values

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