Transactions and Services

​​​​Payments through standing orders
  • General Desription

    NBG  relieves you of the time consuming waiting at the counters, in agencies, companies and other bodies. By submitting a standing order at one of our Branches, all your obligations can be paid out automatically, by charging the deposit account you have indicated to us. 

    The bills paid by standing orders refer to Companie​s and Organizations of various categories, which include:    
     -Utility bills: PPC, COSMΟΤΕ, EYDAP
     -Water bills (DEYA): Thessaloniki (EYATH), Drama, Xanthi, Kozani, Kalamata, Chania
     -Landline and mobile phone bills: COSMOTE, NOVA, VODAFONE, WIND HELLAS AEBE 
     -Subscriptions/donations to organizations: The Smile of the Child, World Wide Fund for Nature WWF, Doctors Without Borders, ACTIONAID HELLAS, Greenpeace
     -Other Companies: Athens Gas Company SA (payment of usage bills), OPAP SA, Auto Hellas (Hertz).

    You have also the option to issue a standing order to charge your account, at specific dates with a fixed amount which will be credited to another account (either yours or someone else’s), to cover your obligations (rent, tuition fees, installments for purchases etc.). 

    For further information, you may visit any of our Branches.


Safe Deposit Boxes


Bank cheques and orders in euro issuance
  • General Description

    With NBG, you can send money in cash or by crediting a deposit account, to any Branch of our Bank:
     -through an order via our ON-LINE system 
     -by a bank cheque or 
     -by a remittance.

    The procedure is very simple. The only thing you have to do is: 
     -pay the order amount and any charges, in cash or cheque or by charging any of your accounts,
     -complete the details of the beneficiary: full name, Branch and deposit bank account (if necessary) 
     -provide any needed documents. 

    For further information, you may visit any of our Branches.


Remittances in euro to immigrants countries
  • General Description
    NBG offers you the possibility to send money to natural persons by remittances (in cash or by crediting a deposit account) easily, instantly and safely to the following countries: Egypt, Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, India, Moldova, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Turkey, the Philippines.

    You can choose the method that suits you best:
     -through NBG's extensive Branch network or
     -i-bank ATM network.

    Benefit from NBG's fund transfer options and ensure:
     -special pricing
     -a discount for transfer of funds to NBG Group banks
     -no charges for the beneficiary when executing a fund transfer
     -option to collect your money back within 30 days in the event that the corresponding bank fails to execute the fund transfer
     -ease of service at NBG i-bank ATMs.

    For further information, visit any of our NBG Branches.


Foreign currency services
  • General Description

    We are at your disposal if you wish:
      -  to convert foreign bank notes in euro,
      -  to collect foreign orders,
      -  to redeem foreign checks.

    In addition, by submitting an application and the necessary documents, we can provide you with foreign currency you might need for:
      -  leisure,
      -  studies,
      -  hospitalization

    and  also for
      -  subscriptions to newspapers and magazines,
      -  participation in seminars / conferences abroad,
      -  participation in tests etc.

    For further information, you may visit any of our Branches.