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If you are a user of NBG's i-bank services, take advantage of i-bank Phone Banking, which enables you to carry out your everyday transactions from your phone.

If you are not close to an NBG Branch or ATM, or you don't have access to Internet Banking, you've no need to worry you can still carry out your transaction via Phone Banking.

Wherever you are, whatever time of day, give us a call and enjoy the benefits of our i-bank services.

24/7 service, whether you're calling from your mobile or landline, following simple, guided steps
direct access to account information and transactions by responding to the interactive voice responses
   (IVR) or by asking for assistance from one of our agents 
• high level of security
• free of charge or at very low rates
go4more reward program 

The i-bank Phone Banking service enables you to carry out all the transactions that you can do at our branches:

​Get detailed information on the account/card activity and balance as well as on your go4more points.​Carry out fund transfers and remittances, payments to telecom networks, public utility bills and Certified Tax Dues.
​Link and unlink accounts, give user-friendly names to your transactions, apply security settings, and activate the SMS i-code service.​Apply for an NBG card, pay your credit card bill, load/unload and set up a daily maximum purchase limit for your prepaid card, whenever you wish to do so.


  • Registration
    Visit any NBG Branch, fill in the application form for i-bank Internet /Phone /Mobile Banking, sign the Agreement, and you will be given a 7-digit User ID to login to the service.

    It is necessary that you already have a bank account with NBG. Find out about the required ID verification documents at "Have you introduced yourselves? If not ... do it now".

    If you're already a user of NBG's i-bank services you can use i-bank Phone Banking with the 6 or 7-digit UserID you already have.
  • Activating the SMS i-code service
    When you sign up for the service your mobile number will be linked to the SMS i-code service so that you can receive the one-time passwords (OTPs) that are required for login in to the service and for secure completion of your transactions.
  • Login & Transactions
    Using the service is really simple: Phone Banking makes e-services easy to use for everyone, since your transactions are carried out automatically, with simple interactive voice responses. The system guides you step-by-step through your transaction.

    State the payment you want to make (e.g. "Payment of certified dues") or the information you need (e.g. "Account balance") and you'll be asked to say or dial your UserID and a one time password (i-code) sent via text message to your mobile phone (i.e. to the number you supplied to us when you registered for the service).

    If the data provided are correct, you can carry out your transaction and/or receive the information requested.

     If you wish to have personal service, you can contact one of our agents by calling
     - 181818 if you're in Greece, or
     - +30210 4848484 if you're abroad 
    in order to be guided through your transaction.
  • Transaction receipts
    The information received through Phone Banking (about accounts, cards, loans etc.) and transaction receipts can be sent by fax, email or sms to your mobile phone (depending on the transaction).
  • Useful information:


  • What are the benefits of using the Phone Banking service?
    Using the Phone Banking service saves yourself and your family time, enabling you to carry out transactions using your landline or your mobile phone from Greece or abroad.

    Phone banking services through the automatic interactive voice response (IVR) system are available 24 hours a day, while transactions through a Bank agent are available on a daily basis 08:00-20:00.
  • Is it safe to carry out transactions via Phone Banking?
    Phone banking transactions are secured through state-of-the-art technology.  
    User authentication is carried out by:
        - UserID
        - the i-code sent by sms to your mobile or generated by your i-code device (in the case of customers who have the said device).  
    An additional layer of security is applied for money transactions through Phone Banking with the use of an additional i-code. If you enter the wrong UserID and/or i-code more than 4 times the system will automatically block your access.

    To regain access to Phone Banking after the system has locked you out, you will need to contact one of our agents at the Bank, and then follow his or her instructions.
    - All calls to our Call Center are recorded by the system.
  • How are cash transactions via Phone Banking secured when using SMS i-code?
    The SMS i-code service is connected with your mobile when you sign up to NBG's Internet Banking/Phone /Mobile Banking at your NBG branch:
    i-codes are generated on the basis of the 3DES strong encryption algorithm.  

    This algorithm provides a practically inviolable security level certified by international certification organizations.

    Each i-code is valid for only 2 minutes after which time the code is cancelled. In addition, each i-code can only be used for the transaction designated. Thus, no one can generate codes and save them for later use. During the transaction the IVR system or the agent will ask you to say or dial an i-code.
  • Can I get receipts for the transactions I perform via Phone Banking?
    The information received through Phone Banking (about accounts, cards, loans etc.) and transaction receipts can be sent by fax, email and SMS (depending on the transaction).
  • Which of my financial dues, personal or family, can I pay via Phone Banking?
    Via Phone Banking you can pay your monthly financial dues, such as electricity (DEH), water supply and telephony/Internet bills.

    Moreover, you can pay dues related to VAT and income tax payments, IKA Social Insurance payments, insurance companies and funds, plus others.

    See here the full list of companies you can pay through Phone Banking.
  • What do I need in order to use the service?
    In order to enter the Phone Banking service you must have:

     - a 6 or 7-digit UserID which is the same you use for Internet/Mobile Banking
     - an i-code sent by sms to your mobile or generated by the i-code device (the latter concerns holders of the relative device).

    To sign up for the Internet/Phone/Mobile Banking service:
    - simply visit any NBG branch, open an account with the Bank in Euro (if you haven't already got one),
    - sign the application and the Agreement for the Provision of Banking Services through Alternative Networks.

  • Can I see my account balance via Phone Banking?
    Check if your payroll has been credited or if someone credited money to your account;
    Get information on your account balance via sms.

    To use the service it is necessary to link your account to i-bank Internet/Phone/Mobile Banking
  • Can I pay my rent via Phone Banking?
    Yes. Use the IVR system and transfer money to another NBG account on a 24/7 basis and receive the transaction receipt by fax or email.

    If the landlord's account is held with another Bank, ask to be put through to one of our agents so that he or she can guide you through your transaction.
  • Can I pay my household bills via Phone Banking?
    Yes. Via the Bank's Phone Banking service and using the IVR system you can pay:
    • All telecom bills (e.g. Cosmote, Vodafone, Wind)
    • Utility bills (e.g. DEH, EYDAP)

    and also dues to the Greek State: Payment of Certified Tax Dues, tax return, ENFIA property tax, payment of annual road tax, in a matter of just a few minutes by making a simple phone (24/7), and receive the transaction receipt by fax or email.

    However, if you prefer personal service you can be put through to one of our agents who will help you with your transaction (available 08:00-20:00).  Via Phone Banking you can carry out payments to insurance funds, municipal dues, internet, and pay-tv bills etc.

    See here the full list of payments you can carry out through Phone Banking.
  • Can I pay my credit card via Phone Banking?
    Yes. You can pay your credit card or someone else’s card via Phone Banking, whether it has been issued by NBG or another bank.

    Using the IVR system you can carry out payments to NBG cards, whether yours or someone else's, in a matter of just a few minutes by making a simple phone call (24/7).

    However, if you prefer personal service you can be put through to one of our agents and he or she will help you carry out your transaction (available 08:00-20:00).
  • I am an overseas resident and I have an account with NBG. Can I sign up for Internet/Phone/Mobile Banking services in my country of residence?
    For your own security and to best safeguard your interests, you need to apply for NBG’s Internet Banking service at one of our Branches in Greece, where we deliver to you in person your UserID with which you can thereafter carry out your NBG banking transactions online.