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NBG’s i-bank services are available anywhere, anytime, via whatever phone you choose, whether landline or mobile, through our Phone Banking service.

Phone Banking brings the Bank within your reach 24 hours a day, as it provides the majority of transaction facilities available at an NBG Branch by means of a simple phone call:

  • Information: about your bank and investment accounts, credit cards or loans
  • Transactions: money transfers, payment of public utility bills /dues to various companies, share trading, standing orders and so on.

Via Phone Banking are also available transactions concerning Profile /Security administration
Block  i-code device, connection / disconnection of accounts and investor codes etc.

Once you’ve registered for Phone Banking, you no longer have to worry if you forget a banking obligation or if you haven’t got access to the Internet, a Bank Branch or ATM: wherever you are, whatever the time of day, a simple phone call enables you to carry out your banking tasks thanks to the unique advantages provided by our i-bank services, including:

  • Direct access to information and transaction services, by giving simple voice commands or
         with the assistance of our agents.
  • State-of-the-art methods to safeguard transaction security.
  • Service for all, without the need for special technical knowledge, to carry out all
          your daily banking tasks.
  • Saving money, thanks to zero or very low charges. For further information, click here

In addition, as soon as you sign up for our Phone Banking service, you automatically have access to banking facilities via the Internet (Internet Banking), as well as banking services via your Smartphone device (Mobile Banking).

Getting to know our services

Our Phone Banking service enables you to carry out a host of banking tasks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

  • Information
  • Transactions
  • Profile and Security
  • NBG's Alert Notification service

Find out more about Information, Transactions and Profile/Security administration options provided via Phone Banking.



When you carry out your transactions by phone, you save not only time but also money:

  • Most transactions via Phone Banking are free of charge. Those few transactions which do incur a charge (e.g. transfer of funds to other banks in Greece and the EU) are normally significantly cheaper than when performed at the Bank’s counters. For further information, look up here.
  • The cost of the call depends on the pricing policy of your phone network provider. 
  • NBG's Alert Notification service will be available free of charge until 31 August 2013 to credit cardholders who are also Internet Banking users. Find out more about our pricing policy for this service


Phone Banking in simple steps

  • Step 1: Registering for the service
    Visit any of our Branches and open an account in euro (if you don’t already hold one) and sign the relevant application form and “Agreement for the supply of banking services through Alternative Networks”.
    Upon registration you will receive a 7-digit User ID to enter the service.
    In addition, you'll be asked to state a mobile phone number, in order to receive via sms a one-time i-code required for secure completion of the transaction.
    Once you’ve registered for Phone Banking, you can also access available transaction services everywhere there is an Internet connection (via Internet Banking) or via our Mobile Banking services if you have a Smartphone.

    You can find out about the documentation you may need to present to verify your personal details by :
    • consulting our information leaflet "Have you introduced yourself? If not, do it now", or
    • speaking with one of our representatives at Call Center, calling at :
      • 181818, from Greece, or
      •  +30 210 4848484, from abroad
        The cost of the call depends on the pricing policy of your phone network provider.
  • Step 2: Entering the system
    Using the service is very simple: Via Phone Banking our electronic services are made easily accessible, as your transactions are performed automatically, by means of simple voice prompts. The system itself guides you step by step through the process, prompting you each time with the relevant key-word in order to complete the transaction. If, however, you prefer a personal service, you can ask to be put through to one of our agents, who will then assist you with your transaction.

    To connect to our Phone Banking service just call:           
    • 181818 from Greece
    • +30 210 48 48 484, from abroad, by landline or mobile phone.

      The cost of the call depends on the pricing policy of your phone network provider.
      State the payment you want to make (e.g. "payment of certified dues") or the information you need (e.g. "account balance") and you'll be requested to provide your UserID and an i-code. If the data provided are correct, you can carry out your transaction or receive the information requested. The information received through Phone Banking (about accounts, cards, loans etc.) and transaction receipts can be sent by sms to your mobile phone (depending on the transaction).
      Phone Banking services are available 24 hours a day.

      If you want to carry out Phone Banking services through an agent of the Bank (available  08:00-20:00), please call at 181818 if you're in Greece or +30 210 48 48 484 if you're abroad from any landline or mobile phone and say "Phone Banking". The information received through an agent (about accounts, cards, loans etc.) and transaction receipts can be sent by fax. The cost of the call depends on the pricing policy of your phone network provider.
  • Step 3: Transactions with simple voice prompts

    If you select “Information” or “Transactions”, once you have correctly dialled-in your codes, you hear a list of the available transactions you can choose from.

    You will be guided to the transaction you wish to carry out by following a list of voice-prompts, such as “Balances”. You can go straight to the transaction you want by saying the voice prompt directly from the Main Menu, e.g. “DEH Payment”.

    To carry out the transaction you have chosen, the system will guide you step by step, asking you to say or dial the data required (e.g. account number, i-code number, amount etc).

    You can say “Agent” at any time if you want to connect to one of our agents, even during the middle of the transaction procedure. For some transactions, which cannot be carried out via voice prompts, the system will automatically put you straight through to an agent.

    If you need a receipt for your transaction, please note that the information you receive via Phone Banking (regarding your accounts, cards, loans etc.) as well as transaction receipts can be sent to you by fax, or even by SMS to your mobile phone (depending on the kind of transaction).  

Our i-bank services use state-of-the-art security methods to ensure that your Phone Banking transactions are fully protected:

  • User authentication
  • Additional security for money and security transactions

    - The use of further layers of security in money transactions through Internet, Mobile & Phone Banking requires the use of one-time codes received by sms or generated electronically by the i-code device.
    Each Internet, Mobile & Phone Banking user is linked to the sms i-code service or is supplied with an i-code device which is uniquely linked to the holder's personal User ID. The i-code device confirms that the specific transaction originates from the user of the sms i-code service or the holder of the device, while each i-code generated is valid and remains active for only 2 minutes for sms i-code users and 32 seconds for i-code device holders after which time the code is cancelled. This effectively serves to prevent interception and unauthorized later use (e.g. phishing).

    After completion of the transaction, the system "returns" to the user a 3-digit confirmation code that should be the same as the 3-digit code sent by sms or generated subsequently by the i-code device.
    The 3-digit code is "returned" by the agent.

    i-codes are generated on the basis of the 3DES strong encryption algorithm. 

    This algorithm provides a practically inviolable security level certified by international certification organizations.       

  • Recording of telephone calls
    All calls made to the Bank’s Contact Center (181818, +30 210 4848484) are recorded by the system for security reasons.                                                    
  • Support
  • Changing your personal details

  F A Qs

  • What are the benefits of Phone Banking?

  • Are transactions via Phone Banking safe?

    Your transactions via Phone Banking are protected by state-of-the-art security technology:

    For information services through Phone Banking user authentication is verified by means of

    • the User Code (User ID) and 
      • The code sms i-code

        for i-code device holders
      • The physical output device electronic key i-code
    For monetary and security transactions through Phone Banking, security is further enhanced by means of an additional OTP, (i-code) . In case you enter the wrong UserID or OTP four times consecutively, you are automatically locked out of the system.
    To be able to re-access Phone Banking, you will have to speak with one of our agents and follow the instructions given. All calls are recorded by the system, as an extra security measure.
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  • Which of my financial dues, personal or family, can I pay via Phone Banking?
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  • I live abroad and have a deposit account with NBG. Can I sign up for Internet, ​Phone and Mobile Banking in my country of residence?