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In today’s world of rapid communications and the growing importance of the internet in the global media market, a significant number of people in Greece – particularly the elderly – do not yet know how to use the internet. According to data provided by the Observatory for Digital Greece, only 15% of people aged 55 to 65 and 4% of people aged 65 to 75 years old use the internet in Greece.
Accordingly, National Bank of Greece has launched a significant initiative: the “Deixtous” (=”Show them!”) Campaign, a volunteer program that aims at reducing digital illiteracy by encouraging and motivating young people to disseminate their digital skills and teach older people how to use the internet. 


The Deixtous Campaign is basically a communication “bridge” between the young and the old, between those “in the know” and people who because of their age, or for any other reason, have so far remained outside the world of modern technology and the new media.


In 2011, the “Deixtous” Campaign was launched on a pilot basis in the municipalities of Ilioupoli and Papagou-Cholargou. Four-week courses were held, and instantly proved to be very popular with volunteers and “pupils”.


Since November 2011, a series of “Deixtous” courses for the elderly have been held in the i-bank stores at The Mall Athens and at Aristotelous Square in cooperation with NGO “50plus Hellas” and the ECDL foundation.


To sign up for the Deixtous courses in one of the two i-bank stores, please check out the calendar of events section.