More top distinctions for NBG's Digital Banking from World Finance

More top distinctions for NBG's Digital Banking from World Finance

In the frame of the annual World Finance awards for 2021 in Greece, the National Bank of Greece earned the titles 'Best Consumer Digital Bank' & ΄Best Mobile Banking App' in the Digital Banking Awards category for the second consecutive year, while also gaining the distinction 'Best Digital SME Bank΄.
These distinctions are significant to us, as they serve as seals of approval for our broad plan to revamp our historical role and strengthen our position in the market. The key factor in this transition drive is the shift in the Group's strategic focus from traditional banking products to new state-of-the-art digital services that place the customer at the center, paving the way to a new era.
Some of the best practices and innovations with which NBG impressed the Award Committee were:

  • NBG Digital Onboarding – we are the first Bank in the Greek market to enable individuals to become customers of the Bank solely through their mobile phone, without even needing to upload documents
  • We are the only Bank that provides a full-suite digital offering through mobile banking, implementing a mobile-first strategy where the customer can perform a wide range of transactions from his mobile phone without a computer and, of course, without having to visit a branch
  • The number of users of our mobile services makes NBG Mobile Banking the most popular application among Greek Banks, gaining a high market share.

In addition, to encourage our business customers further to expand their use of electronic payments and other functionalities so that they can enjoy a top-class digital banking experience without having to visit branches, we upgraded our Corporate Internet Banking with the launch of a new integrated digital solutions package. Businesses can now become customers of the Bank online, open accounts, get cards, loans, and POS terminals, and enjoy many more digital services.
2021 Award Criteria - World Finance Digital Banking Awards:

The World Finance Digital Banking   Awards are the benchmark for the banking industry in the financial press. 
Through a wide range of information gathered by the research team, the award committee, and top financial journalists, the front-running Banking organizations for 2021 were picked out and awarded. Key evaluation factors include:

  • Solid digital strategy
  • Variety and clarity of products and services
  • Modern and innovative systems and solutions
  • Growth on an annual basis in the adoption of digital solutions across the existing customer base
  • Development of a paperless banking experience, including a digital onboarding process
  • Continuous improvement in the design of our digital networks and customers' experience in using Digital Banking
  • Innovation and  cutting-edge infrastructure/digital transformation
  • Use of social media and original approach to offering services
  • Strong and clear adherence to security and encryption practices in line with international standards

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