Our i-bank Alert packages provide instant alerts on account and card activity, via e-mail and/or SMS.
The service is available via i-bank Internet Banking to individuals, and offers:

  • three packages, giving you greater flexibility to choose the alerts that best suit your needs
  • two packages exclusively for the holders of the Value and Premium privileged bundles
  • alerts regarding the activity of the accounts you've linked to i-bank Internet Banking and 
          transactions made using NBG credit or prepaid cards, as chosen by you
  • flexibility in the provision of information
  • maximum security in transactions

i-bank Alert is available in three packages:

​Up to 5 Deposit Accounts





(5 free of charge/month or
60 free of charge/year)

​1 Deposit Account




​1 Deposi​t Account
1 Card (Credit/Prepaid) 

  • You can select automatic renewal of the MINI and UNLIMITED packages.

  • If you've selected “automatic renewal” in the MINI package, when the available SMSs included in 
         your package are used up, you'll continue to receive SMSs (charged per extra SMS) and you will be 
         charged on the next renewal of the package with the total cost of the extra SMSs.

  • If you haven't selected “automatic renewal” and the SMSs are used up, you'll continue to receive 
         alerts only via e-mail. Alternatively, you can just go ahead and renew the package.

The following i-bank Alert packages are offered to the holders of the Value, Premium privileged bundles and the Salary Value bundle:

​mini Value*​Monthly

​E-mail (unlimited)

and/or SMS (20 free of charge/month)

​Demand accounts as stated by the customer
​mini Premium**​Monthly

​E-mail (unlimited)

 and/or SMS (12 free of charge/month)

​Demand accounts and/or credit cards as stated by the customer

* The service is offered only to the holders of the Value privileged bundle and the Salary Value bundle.

**The service is offered only to the holders of the Premium privileged bundles

Get on to the Service Rates and Charges​  and Service Terms of Use

For deposit accounts linked to Internet Banking:

  • Change of Account Balance
  • Cash Deposit & Withdrawal
  • Purchases using credit card
  • Transfer to/from account
  • Credit/Debit Order
  • Credit of interest
  • Credit of Pension, Payroll, Rent
  • Payment of Insurance Premium
  • Deposit/Payment of Cheque

For transactions using NBG prepaid or credit cards:

  • Purchases
  • Cash withdrawals (currently this transaction is not available due to capital controls)
  • Cash-back from your purchases.
  • Credit card payment
  • Notification that your monthly statement has been issued

Additional alerts, free of charge:

  • Activation or deactivation of the alert package
  • Change your settings
  • Impending expiry of the package
  • Failure to collect the fee due to insufficient balance
  • Renewal or expiry of the package
  • Use of 80% of the available SMSs for packages that include a specific number of SMS alerts

Silence hours

You can set silence hours for SMS. During the silence period no notifications will be sent via SMS, and all such alerts will be sent immediately afterwards.

​i-bank Alert is available via i-bank Internet Banking for individuals.
Sign up for one of the service packages by clicking on Services selecting “i-bank Alerts” and clicking on the Get yours button.

SMS Alerts Service

The SMS Alerts service for transactions effected using your credit card (SMS Alerts) is incorporated in the i-bank Alert service.

Technical support
For further information and technical support related to i-bank Alert please call NBG Contact Center at:

  • +30 210 4848484
  • send an e-mail to: contact.center@nbg.gr 
    The cost of the call depends on the pricing policy of your phone network provider.