Savings accounts

NBG Savings Account

A classic savings account that meets today’s needs...

Current accounts

Current Account

Deposit account with chequebook and overdraft facility…

Privileged Product Bundles

e-Value Bundle

The smart deposit account with great benefits!

Value Bundle

The value for money solution in your relationship with the Bank...

Value Plus Bundle

The flexible deposit account with many benefits!

Premium Bundle

The privileged bundle of products and services tailored to the needs of premium customers...

Payroll Bundles

Salary Reward

A payroll account that rewards you

Salary Value

A privileged salary account

Deposit Multiproducts

Family Fast

A special account especially for you...

Student Life

Enjoy a carefree student lifestyle...

NBG Children

Join the team at the top of the league…

Farmers Plus

At NBG, your hard work is rewarded...

Professional Plus

Multiproduct with a host of bonus facilities for freelance professionals...


Support your harvest! Pre-collection of subsidy – Instant liquidity – Facilitate your professional transactions

Time deposit accounts

Time deposit accounts in euro

Savings - Investment accounts that combine safety with high return ...


Choose Monthly, the time deposit that has it all...

Deposits in foreign currency

Foreign currency time deposit accounts

Savings - Investment accounts in foreign currency...

Foreign currency savings account

An account for all your transactions in foreign currency...