NBG's debit card, Debit Mastercard enables you, through the contactless transaction technology , to carry out easy, fast and safe transactions at millions of locations displaying the Mastercard logo around the world, directly debiting your deposit account. 

Furthermore, Debit Mastercard participates in the reward programme go4more, as you can collect points from your day-to-day purchases that you can redeem at participating merchants and through NBG's​ products and services.

Debit Mastercard can be used for:

  • Purchases of goods and services at millions of merchants displaying the Mastercard logo and contactless transactions to merchants equipped with the special terminals.
  • A broad range of additional transactions including hotel bookings, recurring payments to meet your periodic obligations (insurance premiums, school fees etc.), telephone and mail orders.
  • Online purchases at thousands of e-shops displaying the Mastercard logo.
  • Cash withdrawals via NBG's i-bank ATM network or the ATM network of other banks in Greece and abroad.
  • Other transactions via NBG's i-bank ATM network, including deposits, payment of bills, money transfers, etc. 

Apply for Debit Mastercard with contactless transaction technology and carry out secure purchases and transactions at ATMs in Greece or abroad, 24/7.

For further information see Details.​

Contactless transactions in simple steps and absolute security

Using contactless transaction technology, NBG's Debit Mastercard provides additional convenience and speed in all your purchases at merchants equipped with the special terminals displaying ​​the contactless logo.  ​ 
  • Hold Debit Mastercard for a few seconds in front of the terminal.
  • For transactions up to 50 euro, the transaction is completed without entering the PIN(*),
  • For transactions more than 50 euro, enter the PIN of the card, if requested. 
  • When you hear the sound (beep), your transaction will be completed.
For purchases everywhere
By using NBG's Debit Mastercard, you can make purchases of goods and services at over 34 million merchants around the world and  Greece, including retail stores, gas stations, super markets, restaurants etc. You can make your purchase by presenting the card at the paypoint and typing your PIN, if requested, and the amount of your purchase will be automatically deducted from your account. 

Debit Mastercard enables you to carry out a broad range of additional transactions including hotel bookings, recurring payments to meet your periodic obligations (insurance premiums, school fees etc.), telephone and mail orders. 
Online purchases
You can use NBG's Debit Mastercard at thousands of e-shops displaying the Mastercard logo. Furthermore, with the new online security transactions service,  Mastercard® Identity CheckΤΜ, which  first NBG offers to debit caldholders, gives you the opportunity to carry out online purchases with participating
merchants at a heightened level of security. For further information click here​
ATM transactions
 NBG’s extensive i-bank ATM network, together with the ATM network of other banks in Greece and abroad, enables you to carry out your day-to-day banking transactions using your Debit Mastercard:
i-bank ATM
       -Cash withdrawal from your linked bank accounts,
       -Cash deposit whithout use of envelope,
       -Payment of bills or other dues including DEH, EYDAP bills, mobile and fixed telephony, Certified Tax Dues etc.,
       -Fund transfers to NBG accounts,
       -Account balance inquiry and activity for the last 7 transactions,
       -Change of PIN,
       -Card Activation.
DIAS ATM of other banks in Greece 
       -Cash withdrawal from your principal account,
       -Account balance inquiry.
ATM abroad displaying the Mastercard logo
       -Cash withdrawal from your principal linked account in the currency of the country you’re visiting,
       -Change of PIN,
       -Account balance inquiry.
Most transactions via our i-bank ATMs are free of charge. Transactions carried out via other banks’ ATMs, whether in Greece or abroad (DIAS, Mastercard), will incur a charge.
For more information on the rates charged for transactions on the basis of Debit Mastercard, click here​.
Rewards for your purchases with Debit Mastercard
''go4more'' is the first program to reward your total relationship with NBG, as the banking products you own and your day-to-day banking transactions earn you points that you can redeem at businesses participating in the program or through NBG products and services. It even rewards you for your birthday.


Debit Mastercard participates in the go4more program and rewards you for your day-to-day purchases made at millions of businesses displaying the Mastercard logo. By signing up to the program and using Debit Mastercard, you collect points that you can redeem at businesses participating in the program. You choose the amount you wish to redeem in each of your purchases, by paying less or even not at all.

To get detailed information on the terms of the programme and to sign up click here​.
Manage your Debit Mastercard via the i-bank Internet Banking service  
Via the i-bank Internet Banking service you can easily and quickly apply and manage Debit Mastercard, provided you’re a registered user.  
Specifically, you can:
  • Submit an application for the card.
  • Link or disconnect deposit accounts to your card. 
  • View your card's transactions history (purchases, cash withdrawals).
  • Modify daily transaction limits.
  • Receive PIN positions.
  • Ask for PIN reminder or reissue.
  • Ask for reissuance of your Debit MasterCard, if you have declared loss, theft or damage.
 (*) For your safety you may be asked to enter the PIN for transactions equal or less than 50€.

If you already have a deposit account in euro with NBG:

  •  visit any NBG Branch and
  •  fill out and sign the relevant documents (application form and contract).

Alternatively, if you're a registered user of the i-bank Internet Banking​ service, you can submit your Debit Mastercard application online and get it by accepting its terms of use. Particularly:

  • Login to the i-bank Internet Banking service.
  • Select "Cards" and then ''New Debit Card''.
  • Select Debit Mastercard.
  • Fill in the fields required to complete the card application process, including:
    1. Daily limits
    2. Card delivery address 
    3. Deposit account that will be linked to the card
    4. Mobile phone for Smart PIN services
  •  After having carefully read the terms of use you select "I accept the following terms".

After a few days you will receive your card by mail at the given address. To obtain your PIN, you must follow the instructions in the letter accompanying your card.

​​Linking accounts

You can link up to 16 accounts to your Debit Mastercard, including:

  • Savings deposit accounts in Euro,
  • Current or sight deposit accounts in Euro,
  • NBG's credit cards,
  • Immigrants' fund transfer codes. 

You can link or disconnect accounts by either visiting an NBG Branch or via the i-bank Internet Banking​ service, provided you're a registered user.

Card Activation

Debit Mastercard card is sent to you deactivated. To use the card, you must activate it at any NBG  i-bank ATM​ by entering your PIN. ​To obtain your PIN, you must follow the instructions in the letter accompanying your card.

Change of PIN

You can change your PIN to another 4 digits number of your own preference by selecting "PIN CHANGE" from the main menu of any NBG i-bank​ ATM and following the instructions displayed on the screen.


Debit Mastercard, which expires after 3 years, is valid up to the date indicated on the front side of the card.


NBG provides maximum security in your transactions with Debit Mastercard. However, it is also your own responsibility. Therefore: 

You should keep in mind that your PIN is equivalent to your signature and:

  • is unique, strictly personal and confidential,
  • should not be disclosed to anyone else, even to services of the Bank,
  • should not be written on the card, or on any document or object accompanying the card,
  • when you type it, make sure that you cover the keyboard,
  • you should not accept any help from anyone else when entering your PIN,
  • make sure that the next customer is standing at a safe distance from you,
  • for maximum security, you are advised to change your PIN regularly. 

Contact us

For more information and/or assistance, you can call NBG's Contact Center at +30 210 48 48 484.  

Loss of card or PIN

You can call at +30 210 4848484.  

Change of particulars

​Please inform us immediately of any change in your personal particulars (home address, contact information etc.) simply by visiting any NBG Branch. Find out about the required ID verification documents at any NBG Branch or by calling at +30 210 48 48 484. ​