Submission of comments, suggestions or complaints

At NBG, we welcome any comments or feedback you may have.
Through your suggestions and recommendations you help us do things better.
We are committed to providing you with first-class customer service.

Suggestions and complaints
If you experienced a problem in your banking relationship with us, please don't hesitate to let us know.

If you are dissatisfied in any way with an issue regarding the services we provide or if you want to submit a comment or suggestion, you can do the following:     
​Contact the staff at your local NBG branch, so as to bring up the matter directly with them.
With their experience and knowledge our staff will help you resolve any issues that may arise during the course of our banking relationship.

​Alternatively, if you are not satisfied with the response provided by the Branch, you can contact our Sector for Governance of Customer Issues.

National Bank of Greece, in line with its customer oriented model and aiming at offering top class customer service, has set up the Sector for Governance of Customer Issues with a view to providing centralized and tailored management and service of customer issues.  The Sector is staffed with highly qualified and experienced personnel, and committed to managing customer complaints in a fair and impartial manner.

  • How can I submit my complaint?
    To make it easier for us to handle and reply to your problem, you should submit your complaint in any of the following ways:
    by completing online the form
    by sending an email to customer.service@nbg.gr

    ​by calling

    800 11 88988 (toll-free) from a landline in Greece, or
    +30 210 48 06 100 from a mobile phone or if you're calling from outside Greece
    (charges vary depending on your network provider),
    from Monday to Friday 08:00-14:00

    ​by posting a letter or the relevant complaints form available at all NBG Branches to the following address:
    National Bank of Greece S.A.
    Sector for Governance of Customer Issues
    Omirou 30, 106 72 Athens

    by fax to +30 210 3347740
  • What do I need to do when submitting my complaint?
    So as to enable us to carry out our task as effectively as possible, when you submit your complaint you should:
    - Provide us with your personal details (name and surname, father’s name, contact details and TIN) so
      that we can get in touch with you and verify your banking relationship with NBG. Let us know how you
      would prefer to receive our answer and/or confirmation of receipt for the complaint (e.g. by calling you at a specific number, or by letter to a specific address that may be different to the address you have registered as a customer with us).

    - Describe your problem in full detail. This will help us to understand what the problem is and to
      investigate it properly.

    - Make sure you are legally entitled to submit the specific complaint. The Bank, bounded by the 
      provisions of banking secrecy, is entitled to investigate complaints as per the instructions of the
      beneficiaries and/or the parties involved to which it replies. 
  • What happens next?
    - Once we receive your complaint, we send you a confirmation of receipt for the complaint.
    - We carry out a full investigation of the matter, and if we need more information, we contact you.
    - Next, working in tandem with the relevant Bank Units, your case is given careful consideration.
    - Once the investigation is completed, we will update you about your issue (e.g. a suggested solution, 
      clarifications we might need etc.).
  • Is it worth the trouble?
    Our philosophy is that our customers are the focus of our business activity. In other words, our foremost concern is to respect and honor our good relationship with you, our customer, placing special emphasis on providing first-class services and meeting your needs.

    Accordingly, the Bank has established a Complaints Management Policy that applies best practices for the management of customer issues, in particular the guidelines of the European Banking Authority regarding customer complaints management, and the wider regulatory and legal framework.

    Our goal is to find solutions in a spirit of good faith, transparency and impartiality taking into consideration any special features of each case.
    The procedures we apply in handling complaints derive from our principles. For us, what matters most is that:
    -  all customers are treated equally and that their interests are equally protected,
    -  all complaints are managed in good faith, and in line with transaction ethics and the legal and
       regulatory framework applicable,
    -  we understand that any complaint is a special issue for the customer, and accordingly we treat each
       case with due care, sensitivity and understanding,
    -  every complaint is investigated duly and without discrimination, by collecting and processing all the
       relevant data and information,
    -  we make every effort to resolve complaints swiftly, and thereby serve the customer in the best possible
  • When can I expect an answer?
    Once we've gathered all the information relating to your case, and communicated with the relevant departments of the Bank, we shall promptly provide you with an answer, and in any case within the timeframe set by the regulatory framework, namely within forty-five (45) calendar days maximum as of the date the complaint was submitted.
    In the event that due to a significant reason the response cannot be provided within the said time period, we will notify you of the reason for the delay.
  • What if I'm not happy with the answer?
    If you are not happy with the answer provided you by the Bank, you can submit your complaint in writing to the Greek Financial Ombudsman (which is an Alternative Dispute Resolution Body), within one (1) year as of the date you filed the complaint with the Bank, at the following address:
    Greek Financial Ombudsman
    Adress: Massalias 1, 106 80 Athens
    Telephone: 10440 and +30 210 3376700
    Fax: +30 2103238821
    e-mail: info@hobis.gr

    - The Greek Financial Ombudsman is a not-for-profit legal person governed by private
       law whose mission is to consider fairly, impartially and openly disputes arising from
       the provision of banking and investment services and to pursue their amicable

    - More information about the Greek Financial Ombudsman can be found
       at  www.hobis.gr
    For out-of-court settlement of any dispute you may have with the Bank, you can turn to any other Alternative Dispute Resolution body that is duly listed in the register of Alternative Dispute Resolution Bodies, which is available to the public on the website of the General Secretariat of Trade and Consumer Protection www.efpolis.gr, where you can find more information about out-of-court settlement of disputes.

    If your complaint concerns contractual obligations under an online payment services agreement, you can file your request for an out-of-court settlement of the dispute via the Online Dispute Resolution platform at https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr

    Note that lodging a complaint with the Bank does not prejudice your right to pursue legal remedies, and does not interrupt the limitation on such claims as you may have.

  • Notice regarding processing of your personal data
    In seeking to resolve any issues that you bring to our attention, the Bank as Data Controller collects, holds and processes personal data in accordance with the applicable European and national laws and regulations. More information about processing of personal data by NBG, the recipients or categories of recipients of your data when such are forwarded to them, the length of time that your data are held in our records, and the rights of data subjects can be viewed here on the Bank's website www.nbg.gr​​​