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New business start-ups, challenges, hurdles, success stories, surveys and studies that map out the current business scene.
This is NBG’s Business in the Mix, a new podcast series on the progress and performance of Greek business. Journalist Niki Lymperaki talks to our partners and our people, highlighting the challenges and opportunities for Greek companies as they seek to build a better future. Everyone at NBG is here to stand by Greek businesses and serve as a strong and dependable ally. This is how we step into tomorrow.

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Vissala Village: A heartwarming success story from the island of Lefkada

Elena Chorti is one of those people who was occupied with other things in life until one day they decide to pursue a dream. In this episode of Business in the Mix, we travel to the charming island of Lefkada and listen to Elena’s inspiring story.
Kalamata Papadimitriou

Papadim’s Greek Family Dressings

This company is also a model of business growth, resilience and adaptability. So how did this three-generation family business make it this far?

LA MIA Stevia - A "sweet" success story

A partnership of growers that has achieved a lot in Greece and abroad has become the number 1 producer of stevia leaves in Europe. Listen to another interesting episode of Business in the Mix.
Innovative ideas in challenging times

Innovative ideas in challenging times

What can we learn from a small, medium-sized, family-run Greek company that has managed to attract international interest and stand out in the defense systems market? The answer is in this episode of the “Business in the Mix” podcast.
What is the Recovery Fund?

What is the Recovery Fund?

How will Greece use the money from the larger package ever approved by the European Union? In this episode of the “Business in the Mix”, all the answers come from our guest Niki Konstantopoulou, Research Economist at NBG’s Economic Analysis Division.
A Greek company in the fight against Parkinson’s disease

A Greek company in the fight against Parkinson’s disease

Is it possible for someone to improve the lives of thousands of people with a single innovative idea? In this episode of “Business in the Mix,” we look at a story of medical technological innovation developed in Greece.

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