Reward Salary Account

Meet your needs while rewarding yourself.

Improve your daily life enjoying a special range of bonus features for as long as your account is credited with payroll or pension funds. 

Specifically you can: 

  • pay 1 utility bill (electricity/gas, water, telephone) per month, free of charge, by means of a standing order, or via Internet and Mobile Banking. 
  • take advantage of the overdraft facility 
  • get the standard “REWARD” personal loan on favorable terms 
  • get a 30% discount on the fees of your housing loan 
  • get a 1% discount on the interest rate applicable to purchases carried out with NBG credit cards   

In brief:

  • free payment of bills 
  • special terms for consumer, housing loans and credit cards. 
  • choice between current and savings account 
You too can get your own Salary Reward Account

Earn more go4more points

Reward yourself for each and every transaction with the Bank. Carry out all transactions through your account and earn even more go4more points. Find out how. 
Learn more

Salary Reward – a closer look

Choose the type of account and the initial deposit amount. 

In addition you get: 

  • A chequebook for current accounts subject to eligibility criteria. 
  • An overdraft facility for current accounts. 
  • Interest compounded per semester. 
  • Access to NBG’s services, including i-bank cards, loans and investment products. 
  • Automatic deposit of payroll or pension. 
  • Better terms for specific services. 
  • Favorable terms for specific consumer, housing and credit products. 
  • A pre-contractual information form, that includes all the information you need relating to your account. 

You can monitor the activity of your account. 

Specifically, for savings accounts, you can update your passbook, free of charge, at any NBG branch or view the activity of your account via Internet Banking. For current accounts: 

  • you can get detailed account statements via Internet Banking (monthly i-statement), free of charge. 
  • you can have quarterly detailed account statements sent to your contact address, free of charge 
  • you can get monthly detailed account statements at your NBG branch, free of charge, or sent to your contact address, subject to charges, currently €0.90/month. 
  • you can get daily statements issued at your branch, subject to charges, currently €15/month.

Enjoy security and flexibility in your transactions. 

Carry out your everyday transactions at any NBG branch or via i-bank: 

  • Cash withdrawals: at NBG Branches or i-bank ATMs using your debit card. 
  • Deposits: at NBG branches or APS center and i-bank ATMs. 
  • Payments and money transfers: arrange for standing orders and carry out money transfers by directly debiting your account at NBG branches or via Internet, Mobile and Phone Banking and ATMs. 
  • Chequebook for current accounts: apply for a chequebook at the branch where the account is held or via Internet and Phone Banking. 

You can access liquidity to cover unexpected needs through an overdraft facility on your current account. 

Specifically you can: 

  • get approval for an overdraft limit equal to up to 5 monthly salaries, maximum €10,000. 
  • pay the first €150, interest free and get a discount of 1% on the applicable interest rate. 
  • for new overdraft facility applications, you can benefit from an even more favorable interest rate, i.e. ECB rate +8% for the first year. 

Get a 10% discount offered by Ethniki Insurance on the insurance of your vehicle. 

You can insure your Private Car or Private-use farm truck through Ethniki Insurance with a 10% discount on comprehensive premiums. 

The following risks are not covered:

  • For Private Cars: glass breakage, local towing/ road assistance, loss of vehicle use.
  • For Private-use farm trucks: glass breakage, local towing/ road assistance, premium guarantee, driver’s personal accident,

The insurance plans are designed by Ethniki Insurance and sold through National Bank of Greece S.A., Aiolou 86, 10559 Athens, Company Reg. No. 311481. Insurance plans are sold only by Bank staff who are certified insurance intermediaries. The Bank is registered with the Special Register of Athens Chamber of Tradesmen under Reg. No.1028 as an insurance agent. The Special Registry’s data are available through the online platform “Point of Single Contact (ESIP)” of Active Insurance Intermediaries, via which you can verify the registration with the Special Registry. ESIP website:.

Digital Banking is now simpler than ever

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Manage your accounts and cards easily, quickly and safely using our app.  Keep on top of your finances, take advantage of smart alerts and a host of online options such as getting accounts, cards, insurance products or an Express loan.
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Do you want more information?

Yes. Visit one of our branches and simply convert your account to another one with more benefits.
Visit one of our branches and open a new account quickly, or simply convert one of your existing accounts into a Reward account. 
Your account will be converted to a standard savings or current account, depending on the type of account you've selected. 

What supporting documents will I need?

  • Identity card or passport
    In order to evaluate your application, we must know more about you. Thus, we need your personal details. Learn more
  • Evidence of home address
    A public utility bill or other document evidencing your home address
  • Your latest tax clearance
    You can download the tax clearance of the previous year from Taxisnet
  • Proof of Occupation
    Payslip (for salaried employees of the private sector), evidence of pension payment (for pensioners) or VAT Returns- receipts evidencing provision of services (for freelancers).
  • Telephone bill
    A landline phone bill of any provider.

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