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For innovative and outward-looking entrepreneurship

Participate in the competition

If you have a business plan, an idea or an innovative company and you wish to take the next step, we are waiting for you. Discover the annual innovation & technology competition: An opportunity to get to know us and our partners, to receive mentoring and if you are short-listed, to win monetary prizes and extended press exposure.
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Finance your endeavor

The credit lines offered by the program are the following:

  • Grant through significant monetary prizes awarded via the competition
  • Equity financing, with participation in the company’s equity
  • Bond loans that can be converted into shares
  • Special purpose loans to develop new activities

Obtain a start-up package

We support entrepreneurship through a special package of banking products. This way, you can receive, free of charge, the option to accept e-commerce transactions for a year, discounts for products and services, as well as provision of services by experts.

Come to the 4-day bootcamps

Attend 1 of the 4 bootcamps that we organize, together with a series of other actions in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras and Heraklion. The mentors of the program will provide useful advice.

Strengthen your Fintech startup

We actively support your initiatives pertaining to financial products and services.  If you are involved in Fintech innovation and wish to take the next step, come and meet us.

Gain great press exposure

If you are one of the 10 winners of the competition, if you have received any financing from us or if you have received a distinction in any of our bootcamps, then you will receive great exposure.

The Business Seeds team is by your side!

Fill in the contact form so we can answer your questions or for you to find out more information about the NBG Business Seeds program and its actions.

Our partners

We support your outward-looking and innovative business through the appropriate means and the right allies.