Microcredit Program (Microfinance)

guaranteed by InvestEU in cooperation with the European Investment Fund (EIF).

Financing guaranteed by InvestEU

Finance your business and investment plans taking advantage of the lower interest rate and costs offered by the program, guaranteed by InvestEU in cooperation with the European Investment Fund (EIF).

Τhe product at a glance

Purpose of financing

Meet your business needs by choosing financing to either strengthen your business’s liquidity or to realise your investment.  

Reduced interest rate

The program is offered at a significantly reduced interest rate compared to that of similar loans, thanks to the guarantee offered by InvestEU in cooperation with the European Investment Fund (EIF). 

Loan amount:

The maximum amount per agreement is €50,000.

Mentoring services to businesses:

In cooperation with "PLANET S.A. CONSULTING SERVICES", businesses participating in the Program are offered the option of requesting consulting support services. 

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Your company can benefit from:

  • the reduced total interest rate charge compared to that normally offered by the Bank for similar loans, thanks to the InvestEU guarantee.
  • Reduced application processing fee by 20% on the Bank's Rates and Charges.
  • Only personal guarantees are required.
3M Euribor (a zero rate shall apply in the event of a negative rate), plus interest margin and the levy under Law 128/75 applicable from time to time. 
You can choose a fixed interest rate for 3, 5, 7 or 10 years, exclusively for financing with a fixed repayment schedule.
  • Liquidity Assistance Loans
  • Open Business Plan 
  • Revolving Working Capital Credit Line
  • Working capital of a more permanent nature with amortization repayment 

  •  Investment Loan
  • Loan for fixed assets with amortization repayment
Only personal collateral is required. 

The program concerns Micro-Enterprises (including self-employed persons), which employ fewer than 10 employees (<10) and have an annual turnover or total annual balance sheet not exceeding EUR 2 million, as per Commission Recommendation 2003/361/EC. 
Taking into account the restrictions in eligibility set by the EIF, undertakings should not engage in a material way in: 

1. Illegal economic activity
Any production, commercial or other activity considered illegal under the laws or regulations of the host country or international agreements and covenants ("Illegal Economic Activity").

2. Production and marketing of tobacco, distilled spirit drinks and related products.

3. Production of and trade in weapons and ammunition.
Financing of production of and trade in weapons and ammunition of all kinds. This restriction does not apply insofar as the said activities are part of or ancillary to explicit policies of the European Union.

4. Casinos and equivalent enterprises.

5. Research, development or technical applications for programs related to electronic data or solutions, which 
A) aim in particular at:
i. supporting any activity included in the prohibited Sectors listed above 
ii. online gambling and casinos  
iii. pornography, or which:
B) are intended to permit unlawful:
i. access to electronic data networks, or
ii. obtaining electronic data.

6. Support for the financing of research, development or technical applications relating to:
- human cloning for research or therapeutic purposes, and 
- genetically modified organisms, 
If active in these sectors, the European Investment Fund (EIF) will require, through the Bank, appropriate specific assurances regarding the scrutiny of legal, regulatory and ethical issues relating to such matters.

7. Energy generation from fossil fuels and related activities. 
i. Extraction, processing, transport and storage of coal
ii. Oil exploration and production, refining, transport, distribution and storage 
iii. Gas exploration and production, liquefaction, regasification, transport, distribution and storage
iv. Electricity generation exceeding the CO2 emission performance standard (i.e. 250 grams of CO2-equivalent per kWh), applicable to power plants and fossil fuel cogeneration, geothermal and hydroelectric installations with large tanks.

Loan in 3 steps

Step 1: Apply through an NBG branch
You can visit one of our branches to find out about the funding you want, provide the required supporting documents and submit your application. 
Step 2: We assess your financing application.
After reviewing your supporting documents and application, we assess the purpose of the financing, the business's credit standing, as well as the eligibility of your business and business/investment plan.
Step 3: Your loan is disbursed
If your application is approved, you’ll then visit the Branch to sign your loan agreement. Then, the approved amount can be disbursed either in full or in instalments to the sight account you hold at NBG. 

Discover other business financing options

Access other financing options for your business, such as leasing.

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