Participation in company capital

We participate in the company capital of the following innovative companies, actively supporting their development. 


The company's main product is SourceLair, a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that provides users with the ability to easily develop code online through a web browser. It comes equipped with all the tools needed for professional software development, while simultaneously integrating services such as GitHub, smoothly, thus enabling programmers to make use of some of their favourite tools. SourceLair is a software development company in Athens, dedicated to creating an enhanced software development experience by removing hassle from the coding process. 

SourceLair first took off as a project in 2011, and the company was set up in 2013. SourceLair is free for one coding project, while premium packages are available for users who want to work on multiple projects. 

SourceLair is a global application, since both free and paying users are from all around the world. In the upcoming months the company plans to provide new options that will focus on including new programming tools and services in SourceLair, as well as capabilities for programmer team management 


InSyBio is active in the field of bioinformatics, and specifically the field of personalized medical applications. It focuses on identifying key prognostic biomarkers in the early stages of development of diseases using advanced meta-analysis tools for biological and medical datasets. Detection of such biomarkers speeds up prognosis as well as research for the discovery of new drugs. 

 Today, the market for bioinformatics dataset tools and services is one of the fastest growing markets worldwide, growing at an average of over 15% per annum.InSyBio’s main product is the InSyBio Suite, an integrated platform with tools for the management, secure storage and analysis of biological datasets to facilitate researchers in the detection and interpretation of biomarkers. 

 InSyBio’s products are useful for companies working in the field of individualized prognosis and diagnosis, pharmaceutical companies, research laboratories and university research institutes, and agrobiotechnology companies.The InSyBio team is composed of five scientists with a strong background in bioinformatics, information technologies, and business administration, and a scientific committee comprised of two members from the academic community of the University of Patras. 


“It Booms” is a software firm active in the mobile marketing sector. Launched in August 2014 and headquartered in Thessaloniki, it is developing the “bubbllz” app. 

The “bubbllz” app, comprises a mobile marketing platform that enables shops, businesses and brands to display their products and services through User Generated Content. Users simply take a photo or selfie with the product they buy, a reward code is then generated, the picture uploads to social media, and the user is instantly rewarded with discounts, loyalty points and participation in competitions. 

 “bubbllz” caters for the smartphone shopping experience, as the user searches for products, visits stores, and makes purchases. At the same time, users are rewarded for something that they already do in their daily lives: posting on social media. 

 Businesses can boost their sales, as they are displayed and advertised on social media through user postings. In addition, they gain in visibility, targeted communications, statistical reports, and promotions and rewards for their clients. 

“bubbllz” is aimed at the markets for fashion, catering, entertainment, tourism, and sports activities, and is constantly enriched with new features and applications. 


Covve revolutionizes the way professionals network by empowering their traditional address book. It combines relationship management, contact management and unique lead generation features in a familiar and intuitive address book interface. 

Covve is led by an experienced and multi-disciplinary team with international experience in business, entrepreneurship, project management, product delivery and software engineering. 

Covve has been designed for people who value their contact network and is being used my thousands of professionals mainly in the US, the UK, as well as business hubs like Singapore and Dubai. It boasts a fast growing database of millions of contacts, 40% at Director and Executive level working at more than a million different companies across more than 120 countries. Covve has featured in the top 50 business apps in the Apple App Store and in numerous technology publications in the US. is a platform that allows IT teams of mid-market and enterprise level companies to manage their entire infrastructure from a single pane of glass. supports a wide range of underlying infrastructure technologies including public clouds, private clouds, containers, hypervisors and bare metal servers.’s customers enjoy faster time-to-market with new software releases, improved security and cost reduction. focuses on a dynamic and fast growing global market; that of hybrid IT management. targets a $6 billion market growing on similar rates with public and private cloud adoption at about 25% CAGR until 2019. 

Today it employs 13 people in Greece and 2 in the US. Its customers include technology and financial services companies from mostly from the US, Israel and Europe. 


Fieldscale is a company that focuses on software development, creating state-of-the-art simulation software for the design of new tech products. Offering automation in the design and optimization process, Fieldscale enables cutting edge companies to make maximum use of their people and available financial resources, while reducing production time and cost. Fieldscale's tools are called Simulation Apps, i.e. software tailored to the specific needs of each industry. 

The company's main product is its SENSE simulation app, designed specially for the touch screen industry. Based on physical prototyping and cutting-edge algorithms that run in the background, the app allows the user to work within a simple, intuitive user environment. The user can carry out hundreds of operating tests before the product goes into production, thus creating more efficient products.  

Set up in 2015, Fieldscale has its headquarters in Thessaloniki. Today it is comprised of a dynamic team of more than 20 young highly qualified software engineers and developers offering top-class products and services to companies worldwide. The company's vision is to make simulation technology a friendly and useful tool in the hands of every engineer. 

PD Neurotechnology

PD Neurotechnology Limited is a high tech company that develops, produces and sells systems that combine sensors and intelligent algorithms for the support of patients with mobility disorders. 

Its first product, PDMonitor, enables the monitoring of patients suffering from Parkinsons disease so as to help reduce symptoms and accordingly improve their quality of life. 

The specific product is currently being clinically tested in Germany, Italy and Greece and is scheduled for launch in the European market in June 2018, when the MEDICAL CE Marking process will have been completed. 

The company has been certified according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001 and ISO 13485, while the respective data collection, storing and analysis is carried out in compliance with GDPR principles. 


We finance the following innovative companies with loan products. 

Kalamata Papadimitriou

PAPADIMITRIOU C. C. S.A, founded in 1939, is one of the largest food processing companies in the south of Greece. With products based on the nutritional concepts of the Mediterranean diet, “Papadimitriou” has earned consumers’ preference in domestic and 32 international markets. Additionally, the product “travels” with Aegean Air and Saudi Airlines through a partnership launched in 2013. 

The company now focuses on 100% natural Balsamic Vinegar and its several variations, produced exclusively by Corinthian currants. Balsamic vinegar is a natural and healthy product which is rich in antioxidants and low in calories. 

 Papadimitriou balsamic vinegars, unlike the vast majority of imported balsamic vinegars, do not contain any preservatives. The company has also introduced a new range of innovative Mediterranean products based on balsamic vinegar, such as balsamic cream and Mediterranean mustard. 

 With 30% growth rate in Greece and significant international expansion, the company aims to dominate the balsamic cream segment of the market by focusing its efforts in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Australia and Finland. The company will also launch new flavors of balsamic vinegar and new product categories shortly. 


HotelBrain was launched in 2000 and is one of the largest hotel management companies not only in Greece but also in the broader Mediterranean region. By providing a holistic management model for small luxury hotel units, Hotelbrain has managed to gain important distinctions both in Greece and abroad, the most important being the World Travel Award in September 2015, in the category of “Europe’s Leading Hotel Management Company”. 

Currently, HotelBrain holds a portfolio of over 120 hotels under its management in 35 destinations in Greece, while at the same time it channels its knowhow to similar hotels in Lebanon, Turkey, Cyprus, Serbia and Montenegro on the basis of Management Agreements. 

As a member of Endeavor Global, Hotelbrain has posted significant growth driven by its innovative business model with 60 individuals as regular staff (and 3500 employees in hotels under its management), while its short-term plans include the expansion of its activities to Italy and Spain. 


RADIKI was established in 2011 and is active in the production and trade of high-quality vegetables and fruit for restaurants and individuals. It is one of the few companies in Greece and in Europe that specializes in the collection of wild greens. Over 120 customers (including Cookoovaya, Costa Navarino and others) in Greece prefer RADIKI. In addition, its presence in London and Paris is significant as it offers its services to some of the most important restaurants in the world (such as Le Chateaubriand and Septime). 

RADIKI manages 30,000 square meters of specialized cultivation of market gardening products and collaborates on an ongoing basis with 20 specialized collectors all over Greece. The company has been designated by Endeavor as one of the businesses likely to impact the Greek economy in the next 10 years and was awarded the first prize in the “REINSPIRE GREECE” competition. 

RADIKI aspires to make Greek agricultural products synonymous with top quality products in the global market. To this end, the company has already started to put a large number of bio-cultivated fruit under its umbrella aiming to further penetrate the European market from 2016 on. 

Think Digital Group

Think Digital Group (TDG) is one of the leading Digital Advertising and Marketing Groups in CE, SE Europe and Middle East with presence in Greece, UAE, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary. Through its three companies: ThinkDigital, ForestView and TailWind, TDG is serving major advertisers, agencies and publishers and helps them leverage digital advertising through automated, data driven, technological and creative solutions. Founded in 2006, TDG's companies are working with leading international partners such as Microsoft (MSN, Outlook), Facebook, Appnexus, Skype, Samsung, Shazam and Sizmek and many local “champions”.  

In December 2014, TailWind created Project Agora, an innovative automated marketplace for advertising on premium sites, offering to advertisers a targeted solution for effective communication with their audiences and at the same time promoting publishers' high quality advertising space, independently of international monopolies. Currently the group employs more than 110 digital marketing professionals across its local offices.


"Apifon" is a high tech company that provides businesses and organizations with innovative and targeted digital messaging solutions. 

Thanks to the company's successful business activity, Apifon has been propelled from a small startup to one of the market leaders in digital marketing. 

Over the course of its progress, Apifon has evolved from a bulk SMS and email provider to a company that meets the demands of its customers with state-of-the-art communication channels such as chat apps. 

Deploying its cutting-edge communication channels, Apifon intends to be a pioneer in 2way messaging, while providing intelligent tracking and analytics technology. 


Wifins was set up in early 2014 in Athens by a team with long experience in the mobile marketing and advertising market. 

The company has developed the Wifins© platform, which guarantees discreet and perfectly targeted business interaction with consumers via Wi-Fi networks. 

The Wifins© platform is a cutting-edge media vehicle for simultaneously ensuring free and functional access to the internet for consumers, while also enabling businesses to communicate and advertise through mobile devices, via a branded, safe and measurable route. 

Access points are already available in Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria. The consumer can connect to the internet via the nearest Wifins© network having accepted on his mobile device the interactive content related to the location where he is or related products and services.  


NISSOS is a Greek beer from the Cycladic Islands, produced entirely in the facilities of the Cyclades Microbrewery in Vayia, Tinos. 

The microbrewery was set up four years ago with a vision to create a value chain in the Cyclades and become an "international player with a Cycladic soul", a proud ambassador of the gastronomic culture of our country. 

With international beer tasting and business awards, participation in major beer fests, innovative partnerships and ongoing growth, NISSOS reflects the best of Greece, which produces and creates! 

The Cyclades Microbrewery in Tinos was declared "National Champion" at the European Business Awards 2014/2015, and rightly prides itself on its Nissos Pilsner beer that was awarded a silver European Beer Star. 

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Other partnerships

ΝΒG Business Seeds supports with promotion, guidance and services, and products from Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Financial support actions

In addition, as regards financial support for businesses, NBG provides targeted financial support actions in partnership with The People’s Trust, lending actions and participation in their company equity, as well as mentoring and networking actions in cooperation with Google, Grant Thornton, Watson, Farley & Williams, Israel Advanced Technology Industries (IATI), the Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce, Census, ΜcKinsey, KEMEL (Center of Volunteer Managers – Greece), Endeavor Greece InnoEnergy, KiNNO, National Documentation Center, Onassis Foundation, Amazon, Microsoft, Price Water House Coopers (PwC), Accenture, (HIGGS) Higher Incubator Giving Growth & Sustainability, Thessaloniki Innovation and Culture Ecosystem (ΟΚ!Τhess), CapsuleT, H2B Hub, ΕΙΤ Climate-Kic Hub Greece and the ARCHIMEDES center.

Emphasis is placed on the mentoring of the teams by NBG’s experienced staff who, backed by professional experience of more than 20 years in diverse banking fields, propose targeted solutions to improve each business initiative.


Ιncrediblue is an award-winning, online platform for sailing holidays offering more than 3000 yachts in the Mediterranean and other popular destinations around the world. 

All incrediblue holidays include transport, accommodation and activities, making it easy for travellers - even those without a sailing diploma - to visit exquisite beaches, to enjoy privacy and to adjust their holidays to their lifestyle, easily and securely, at affordable prices. 

As part of the “NBG Business Seeds” program, NBG promoted incrediblue services to a group of its customers.  


isMOOD is a data analysis and data mining company focusing on in-depth social media analytics in real time. isMOOD's mission is to create bridges between consumers and businesses, enabling companies to tune in, in real time, to what consumers are saying and respond effectively. 

isMOOD's platform has been designed to this end, using state-of-the art algorithms and analysing large amounts of data posted in online media and networks in real time. 

As part of the “NBG Business Seeds” program, NBG opted to make pilot use of isMood data technology services.

Nannuka is the first Greek online service to enable parents to choose, through just a few clicks, rated child-carers for babysitting, creative activities and entertainment of their children. This service is the brainchild of three mothers who have devised a way to help parents who want assistance in their everyday life. 

Through the NBG Business Seeds program, Nannuka has access to NBG’s i-bank stores in Athens and Thessaloniki where it runs various events, while it can also tap the support facilities, and free-of-charge infrastructures and services offered by the program.


Inverse is a small, independed software developement studio based in Achinos, Greece. It was established in 2004 by Anastasios Voulgaris. 

The studio specializes in the creation of cutting edge mobile and virtual reality experiences in the fields of education and gaming. Inverse got worldwide attention with the release of the App Store phenomenon, “Greece: History & Culture”, an iOS presentation of the history of Greece. 

The app got awared in the 3rd NBG iBank Innovation & Technology Competition. Currently, the company’s team is expanding with a few, very talented developers and artists, preparing for the release of a series of multiplatform 3D games.


Kinems Inc develops Kinect games for children with learning disabilities such as autism, dyspraxia and ADHD, which are based on well-defined intervention protocols for offering engaging and effective learning experiences to the children. Children play with hand and body gestures and improve their cognitive and motor planning skills. A unique feature is that the Kinems learning gaming suite is accompanied by a monitoring and reporting cloud-based platform that helps professional see the children's progress and make reports (Kinesthetic & Learning Analytics). 

Kinems has several customers such as mainstream schools that offer IEP programs for children with learning disabilities, special schools, private learning centers and children’s hospitals in various countries. Kinems is doing direct sales in the USA and has value-adding resellers in the Nordic countries, Cyprus and Greece.  

There are research publications that show the effectiveness of the Kinems learning games. Kinems has won several awards. The most recent one is the Microsoft New England prize on Civic Engagement and Leadership on 2014. 

Viral Loops

Viral Loops is a viral and referral marketing company providing a platform in which you can build your pre-launch campaigns, sweepstakes and competitions as well as referral programs. This way your customers or users are incentivised to refer their friends and spread the word about your product or service. 

You can integrate it with your website or mobile app through Viral Loops’ code snippet or API. 

It also offers an Analytics Dashboard for monitoring the performance and optimising a company’s campaigns. Also provides leads management and integrates with several services, like Mailchimp, Google Analytics and Slack. 

Doctoranytime is the biggest online service for medical appointments in Greece. Its database numbers more than 3,000 doctors and 60 diagnostic centers while its 100,000 registered members book more than 8,000 appointments per month.  

Doctoranytime has been active in Belgium too, where it has more than 1,000 doctors on its client base.  

Doctoranytime aims at being a reliable friend and doctor for patients using the service, whether they want to book an appointment or find answers and solutions to health and beauty questions. 


Awapai develops cutting-edge web software services based on cloud and mobile technologies. Its Eventora platform, is the main software service that it has developed. 

Eventora is an online platform for events, competitions and tradeshows. It has earned distinctions in frontline innovation & entrepreneurship competitions and is already used in 30 countries for events and competitions of every kind: public or private corporate events, conferences, exhibitions, tradeshows and so on. 

Ιn a matter of just a few minutes it provides in a simple way a whole suite of services: registrations, card payments, e-ticketing, sending and managing invitations, seating, sponsor promotion, check-in services, and more.  

For competitions and scientific conferences Eventora provides functions for the submission of abstracts and online review. Furthermore, the platform offers services to tradeshows for exhibitors and sponsors alike. 

At any moment in time it is possible to access detailed and summary reports with charts and graphic diagrams 


Βlueground was set up in 2013 with a mission to market, manage and develop residential properties, backed by its technology focus. blueground converts apartments and houses into fully serviced, first-class guest accommodation. 

The company serves two client categories: the owners of the properties and the guests. The owners increase their net income by 30-50% and save time as blueground undertakes all the work involved in marketing and managing their property. The guests, on the other hand, are able to enjoy top class accommodation and guaranteed quality. The guests staying at the accommodation – whether for leisure or for work – can enjoy the same kind of services they expect from a hotel, but have the added advantages of more space, privacy, and a fully equipped kitchen – and all at a lower cost. 

The technology focus of blueground enables it to rapidly and efficiently expand its operations, keep owners updated on an automated basis, and communicate effectively with guests so that they are fully informed of their options. 

Βlueground has already forged a significant presence in Greece and is currently in the process of expanding its business in neighboring Turkey. 


Crowdpolicy was established in 2012 aiming to develop methodologies and information systems that leverage the crowd in order to develop processes, products and services. Crowdpolicy, literally, means that the company contributes to shaping policy, in its wider sense, using crowd participation. 

Τhe company's main target is to bridge the gap between between Organisations and the Crowd in order to co-create the future. 

Crowdpolicy's products are intended for both the public and private sectors. They are aimed at every organization that seeks in a sustainable way to work in collaboration with customers, employees, sales network and suppliers. 


Plazz is the first prize-winning Greek online platform for sunbed reservation and seaside management. Launched in 2015, Plazz is the brainchild of people with honed experience in the area of digital marketing and technology services. 

The platform allows users, by downloading the Plazz app on their desktop or smartphone, to book sunbeds at well-known organized beaches throughout Greece, paying up front with their credit card. 

The platform enables beach and hotel enterprises to manage easily their bookings and create special product bundles for the reserved sunbeds. Thus, they have for the first time the opportunity to launch promotional packages so as to attract premium customers. 

Plazz has already developed a network of 2,000 sunbeds in Greece and is now in the process of expanding its network in Cyprus and other countries. It aims at reinforcing the “Sun & Beach” tourism product and enhancing the visitors’ experience, so as to meet increasingly sophisticated customer demands. 


PLiN Nanotechnology S.A is a spin-off of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH). The company focuses on the fabrication of silver nanoparticles as raw material for their integration into end products of partner companies and for use as an active ingredient for commercial products which the company supplies under the trade name "NanoSanitasTM". 

In addition to these, the company formulates several other nanomaterials (monovalent and divalent copper oxide, copper hydroxide, zink oxyde etc.) as well as a series of hybrid coated nanoparticles (silver-coated copper nanoparticles and other metallic oxyde nanoparticles or organic coatings). 

mermix is a service with a mission to organize the agricultural machinery of each area, connecting farmers that are looking for agricultural machinery with farmers that already own such machinery and wish to benefit by using it in the best way and earn from it. Each farmer can look for tools and machinery that other farmers or even companies have added at the online platform of the service. Furthermore, through this online platform, farmers can improve their agricultural production and make it more sustainable by increasing crop quality and reducing the production costs. 

Through this online platform, each farmer can rent state of the art machinery and/or get services for his field by local producers who use this platform. 

At the same time, businesses of the agri-food sector can control their contract farming and organize in a flexible way the services and supplies they provide to contracted farmers as well as receive product of guaranteed quality and features. 

Set up in 2015, mermix has its headquarters in Lamia.


GIVMED | Share medicine Share life is the first network of its kind to make use of excess medicines in order to benefit socially fragile groups. GIVMED actions focus on the following goals: 

To enhance awareness about the problem of excess, unused medicines, given that there are people who are unable to cover their medical needs. To attain this goal, the organization runs public awareness campaigns and participates in social and technological events. 

To accurately and effectively match medication surpluses and shortfalls between the general public and public benefit bodies (such as social pharmacies, care homes for the elderly or for children). This is done by means of the GIVMED app developed by our team, through which anyone can enlist and donate excess medicines to the public benefit organizations that need them. Also, the application allows you to see the medicine needs of each public welfare body and to set up your personal online pharmacy. 

GIVMED is a non-profit organization, established in March 2016 and run by young people whose vision is to enable everyone to have direct access to medication and medical care. During the first 8 months of its operation, GIVMED networked 4,483 boxes of medicine originally worth €34,438 and received awards both in Greece and abroad.


Set up in Lamia in 2013, AGRIFARM PC comprises an innovative, collaborative form of production and trade of agricultural products. Placing a special strategic emphasis on export activity, over the course of the past three years the company has been endeavoring to promote Greek legumes on every level (packaging, branding, marketing). 

The company today manages over 200 hectares through a network of partner producers and has an established commercial presence in Greece, Italy, the United Kingdom, USA and Canada.  Through the "Refarming Greece" project, AGRIFARM seeks to showcase Greek varieties of produce and certain traditional agricultural methods that are based on the microclimate of each region and to support the sustainable return of young people back to the Greek countryside.  

In collaboration with universities and other foundations and institutes the company has designed and implements a development program for new, innovative products that meet the dietary needs of modern consumers. 

In 2013, AGRIFARM PC won first prize at the Re-Inspire Greece Awards as one of the most promising start-ups in the agri-foodstuffs sector in Greece. On an international level, the company has earned very important distinctions for its quality products. 


Nestcargo ( is an online freight marketplace that brings in touch importers/exporters with trucking companies and freight forwarders. Nestcargo helps companies find the right carrier at the right price to transport their goods internationally, through road, sea and air. 

The online quote collection process allows companies to save a lot of valuable time and find competitive prices from a variety of rated and trustworthy carriers.Carriers increase their revenues and clientele, while minimizing their operational expenses by filling up empty space. 

TruckBird P.C., the company that created nestcargo, was founded in 2013 and has been operating in Greece since then. Future plans of the company involve expansion in neighbouring countries, in order to improve the matchmaking between excess of shipments and excess of empty space within trucks, ships and airplanes.

Set up in Patra in 2006, PC is an internet service company which grew to two branches that it currently runs in Athens and Thessaloniki, and which it has staffed with a strong team of 20 people. 

The main product of the company is the food delivery platform (web and mobile), which hosts more than 2000 associated restaurants in 30 cities around Greece. connects the restaurant with the end consumer. 

It offers to restaurants an innovative, easy and fast way to take orders, while at the same time it enhances their image by offering them a slick and professional presentation of their products. 

For their part, users are able to enjoy a host of options offered by select restaurants. 

Applying filter options to make their order, users can narrow their options and in this way ordering their favorite food becomes a game. 


Plex.Earth is a hybrid desktop/cloud-based software, developed by Plexscape, that accelerates the design process of architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) projects. 

The application, which is used by some of the most notable firms worldwide, such as F1, AECOM and Garver, enables designers to have the complete 3D geographical view of their real-world project sites within minutes, through Google Earth and other satellite data providers. 

Based on Plex.Earth's success, Plexscape is now introducing a digital distribution and licensing platform that allows other software and content providers to address the market needs and deliver their services to the AEC industry, by adopting flexible cloud-based business models. 

Linked Business

Linked Business IKE was established in 2018 by internationally recognized researchers in big data analysis at Dimokritos Research Center, and is hosted in the Technology and Science Park run by the Center. 

The LinkedBusiness platform provides targeted information on entrepreneurship and public funds on the basis of official open data sources. It helps attract customer interest through the creation of smart sales opportunities. 

The platform's innovative tools enable in-depth market research, the creation of new sales, and the protection of businesses thanks to multidimensional assessment of the customers. 

Think Silicon

Think Silicon S.A. is a privately held IP (Intellectual Property) technology company based and founded in 2007 in Patras, with a development center in Athens, WW sales & marketing office in Toronto and sales offices in San Jose, Cologne, Taipei and Tokyo. 

Think Silicon is specialized in designing extremely small, ultra-low power, high-performance Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) for smart IoT display devices and Artificial Intelligence (AI) inference accelerators for machine learning vision applications for IoT/Edge end nodes. 

Think Silicon GPUs is the only graphics solution for display smart IoT devices providing smart-phone like user experience, while extending battery life, keeping the cost low and shortening the time-to-market. 

The above is achievable due to the NEMA®’s patent protected technology which provides ultra-low power consumption and low cost by decreasing silicon area and memory requirements. 

NOMADA Honey Soda

Two brothers, redefine an ancient remedy recipe, inspired by Pythagoras in a modern carbonated functional natural drink, which they envision to become an essential habit and become part of everyday routine of health conscious. 

Inspired by their journeys and old home remedy legends, they decided to create the first natural honey soda (Nomada Honey Soda), and bottle the worlds’t oldest and most travelled recipe. 

The recipe has travelled and been enriched throughout time, from the ancient civilizations of Babylonia, Egypt and China, to Pythagoras whom used it for medicinal purposes. 

Nomada Honey Soda was launched April 2018 in Greece, and has been awarded with the Hellenic Enterpreneurship award (now Envolve awards) in 2017, amongst 1000+ startups. 

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