Vissala Village: A heartwarming success story from the island of Lefkada

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5 August 2022
In this episode of Business in the Mix, we travel to the charming island of Lefkada. Elena Chorti is one of those people who was occupied with other things in life until one day they decide to pursue a dream – whether their own or that of the people they love. Elena’s story is a heartwarming affirmation of her bold decision to risk a journey into the unknown.


LA MIA Stevia - A "sweet" success story

A partnership of growers that has achieved a lot in Greece and abroad has become the number 1 producer of stevia leaves in Europe. Listen to another interesting episode of Business in the Mix.
A Greek company in the fight against Parkinson’s disease

A Greek company in the fight against Parkinson’s disease

Is it possible for someone to improve the lives of thousands of people with a single innovative idea? In this episode of “Business in the Mix,” we look at a story of medical technological innovation developed in Greece.

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