Participate in the innovation & technology competition

Claim the financing and the exposure that will boost your idea.  
Take part in the longest-running innovation & technology competition in Greece. 

Monetary prizes

If your idea, business plan, or company is short-listed, you can claim one of the monetary prizes that amount to €49.000 in total.  

Press coverage

If you are one of the 10 winners, you will gain exposure to the press and online media. 

Mentoring for all

For you to properly grow your business, you need someone to support you. We stand by all the contestants by providing advice, mentoring, and everything in-between.


You have the opportunity to participate in thematic coaching, information and networking workshops in Fintech, health, technology, agri-food, energy-environment, technology, culture, tourism and women's entrepreneurship that we organize together with our partners.


4-Day bootcamps

Visit 1 of the 4 bootcamps we organize along with a number of other activities in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras and Heraklion. The mentors of the program in collaboration with NBG executives, Funds and local entrepreneurs give you useful tips and guidance for the next steps of your idea or company.

Online bootcamp

Aside from the bootcamps in 4 large Greek cities, we also organize an online bootcamp with a 4-month duration, in which selected teams from all over Greece can participate.

We support innovation in the sectors of the future

We are waiting for you if you have a good idea that can be applied in one of the following sectors.

The Business Seeds team is by your side!

Fill in the contact form so we can answer your questions or for you to find out more information about the NBG Business Seeds program and its actions.

The seeds that won in 2022

The innovative ideas that earned awards in the 12th Competition

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testimonial card

NBG's digital transformation always takes mature and stable steps. This way it becomes a catalyst for us, aiding our operations.
Gianna Ioannidou
Managing Director at All Web Solution SA

Innovation & technology competition in 3 phases

Step 1: Online submission
You can submit your proposal online starting early July until early October.
Step 2: 20 proposals will be short-listed
If your idea gets short-listed, you will be called to the specially designed laboratories to receive mentoring about your business idea. This way, you will be able to submit a complete and detailed business plan for the 3rd phase of the competition. 
Step 3: 10 proposals will be short-listed
If you make it to this phase, you have succeeded! Your proposal will be evaluated by the collaborating universities' professors and by NBG executives, irrespective of the topic. After you present it, you will win one of the five monetary prizes.  

Do you want more information?

The annual innovation and technology competition is an action in the context of the NBG Business Seeds program for supporting innovative entrepreneurship. It takes place annually to provide mentoring, highlight and reward original ideas that will contribute to the development of pioneering systems and applications, based on new technologies, the inclusion of the environmental factor in the design of products and services, the proliferation of online banking, and online transactions and to the promotion of innovation in general, in Greece.

The competition will take place, for the most part, online.
The exact schedule will be announced in the competition news and announcements section.

All adult Greek nationals residing in Greece, Cyprus, or abroad can participate. You can register and claim one of the offered monetary prizes. Specifically: 

 The top four winners will be awarded the following prizes:  

  • First Prize: €20.000  
  • Second Prize: €10.000 
  • Third Prize: €6.000 

  • Fourth Prize: €4.000 

The remaining six finalists in Phase C will receive prizes of €1.500 each, excluding those who received the prizes mentioned above. 

The innovation and technology competition is held with the cooperation of the following Universities: 

  • University of Athens
  • National Technical University of Athens
  • Athens University of Economics & Business
  • Agricultural University of Athens
  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • University of Panteion
  • University of Piraeus
  • University of Patras
  • University of Crete
  • University of Macedonia
  • University of Peloponnese
  • University of Thessaly
  • Technical University of Crete 

You, of course, as its creator. As a participant in the competition, you have the full and exclusive responsibility to patent or otherwise protect your proposal, as well as the rights that derive thereof.

Below you will find an indicative list of Laws, Organizations, and procedures that you can explore before you submit your proposal to the competition:

  • Creations that are new, involve an inventive step, and are susceptible of industrial application, can be protected by a patent, under Law 1733/1987 as amended and in force, and by the international and European conventions (Patent Cooperation Treaty and European Patent Convention). For more information, before submitting their proposal to the competition, interested parties should explore the provisions of L. 1733/1987 and, specifically, the provisions of article 7.
  • Every novel three-dimensional object capable of giving a solution to a technical problem can be protected by a Utility Model Certificate under Law 1733/1987, as amended and in force. 
    Technical innovations (new solutions) for a specific technical problem proposed by one or more persons working for an enterprise and related to the latter's activities can also be protected under Law 1733/1987, as amended and in force.
  • Designs and models that are new and have an individual character can also be protected as industrial design ("design"), either domestically or at a European Community level (P.D. 259/1997).

Finally, all intellectual creations (oral texts, fine artworks, or scientific creations expressed in any form) are protected under Law 2121/1993, as amended and in force. Indicatively, you can find more information in the following organizations:

It must be stressed that NBG is not the competent authority to answer any questions regarding patenting intellectual and/or industrial property. For relevant information, you can address the qualified organizations or to an advisor of your choice. 

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