Tiresias' TSEK platform in a nutshell

TSEK, available on, is a comprehensive solution for managing the risk of your transactions, offering online access to reliable economic and business data. Easy to use and with a very low annual cost, ΤSEK is suitable for businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Special offer for signing up to the TSEK platform

We’ve secured a special offer for NBG customers, through which you get a 15% discount and a gift of 15 additional balance sheets when signing up for any subscription package of the TSEK platform, a comprehensive solution for protecting your transactions.

The TSEK platform in detail

Easy to use

Check the credit standing of new or existing customers and suppliers easily.

Immediate notification

Through the TSEK Alarm service, stay updated on any change in the economic or business data you're interested in.

Valid and complete information

Gain online access to the most valid and up-to-date economic data from the Tiresias database, such as bounced cheques, unpaid bills of exchange, payment orders and much more.

U-SET Service

Receive an overview of your company as registered in the Tiresias database through the U-SET service, exclusively for TSEK platform subscribers.

Select your package

Choose the TSEK subscription package that best suits your needs and gain access to all available services.

International Credit Reports

Tiresias cooperates with the multinational company Credit Reform and enables you to check instantly and easily the credit standing of your partners based outside Greece, in more than 89 countries, with International Credit Reports.

Your Business Banking RM is waiting for you

Your Business Banking RM will propose ideas and provide you with guidance on the options that best suit your needs. With their direct support and specialized knowledge, you can define your goals and set up the right plan to achieve them.