NBG’s Dual card offers its holder the option to choose each time the use of the debit or credit functionality when carrying out transactions.
If you already have a POS terminal, you can accept payments from customers holding an NBG Dual card, without having to change equipment or make any additional configuration.  Quickly, easily and securely your customers will be able to complete their transaction with either the debit or credit functionality of their Dual card.

1. Contactless transactions 
In the event of contactless transactions, only the debit functionality of the card can be used, no other option is available. 

2. Simply choose the functionality
Upon insertion of the Dual card into the POS terminal, the options for debit or credit functionality are displayed.  The holder of the Dual card selects the desired function, enters the PIN and the transaction is completed.  

3. Available in e-wallets
The Dual card holder can also choose to complete the transaction through the Apple Pay, Google Pay, Xiaomi Pay or Garmin e-wallets. The two functionalities of the Dual card are added as separate cards to e-wallets — this is why no additional option is required on the POS terminal. 

4. Optional activation of credit functionality
In the event that the cardholder of the Dual card has not activated the credit functionality, the card is used exclusively as a debit card. 

5. Go For More reward program
The Dual card automatically participates in NBG's Go For More loyalty reward program with both functionalities (debit or credit).