The guarantee is provided by the HDB-EPWCF Guarantee Fund of HDB, which is co-funded

                  by the Greek State and the Engineers and Public Works Contractors Fund (EPWCF).


The product at a glance

Purpose of financing

The purpose of financing concerns exclusively the granting of one-off working capital loans for the execution of contracted works and/or studies of public interest to eligible SMEs under the guarantee of the Fund at a rate of 80%.

Reduced interest rate

The financing is offered at a reduced interest rate compared to the respective NBG loans, thanks to the guarantee of the HDB—EPWCF Guarantee Fund at a rate of 80%.

Financing duration

You can repay the loan over a period of 1 to 5 years, including any grace period of up to 12 months.

Maximum Loan Amount

The maximum loan amount shall not exceed €400,000 and is provided by submitting a simplified business plan without the obligation to supply evidencing documents.
This restriction applies on a business level and in any case, €400,000 is the maximum loan amount that the business can receive in total, regardless of the number of applications submitted to all participating Banks.

Repayment Method

Repayment is arranged through 3-month or 6-month amortization installments.

Implementation deadlines

Disbursements shall be carried out in a lump sum or tranches by 31.12.2024 at the latest.
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Detailed information

The usual personal securities (guarantees of Individuals) can be used.

Real collateral can also be provided (pledge of deposits, cheques/ bills of exchange, mortgage prenotation, etc.) at a rate that can not exceed 20% of the financing amount.


The bank's usual Rates & Charges shall apply. For more information, click here.
The guarantee provided by the HDB — TMEDE Guarantee Fund of HDB is now available under the de minimis aid scheme of Regulation (EU) 2831/2023.

SMEs, including self-employed professionals, are eligible provided that they meet the following criteria:

  • They intend to undertake or have undertaken to execute works and/or studies or technical and other related scientific services of public interest.
  • They are active in the following sectors: 

A) Architects and engineers and related activities for the provision of technical advice (KAD 71.1), other than studies and supervision services provided by naval architects (KAD
B) Technical testing and analysis services (KAD 71.2), other than Inspection and other testing services for ships (KAD 
C) Building construction (KAD 41)
D) Civil engineer works (KAD 42)
Ε) Specialized construction activities (KAD 43) other than alarm installation services for properties (fire, anti-theft systems, etc.) (KAD, telecommunications cabling and network installation services (KAD, repair and maintenance services for lifts (KAD, repair and maintenance services for escalators and moving walkways (KAD, installation services for escalators and moving walkways (KAD, installation, repair and maintenance services for revolving and automatic doors (KAD, plastic coating services for swimming pool tanks, etc. (KAD
F) Research and experimental development in the natural sciences and engineering (KAD 72.1)

  • They do not carry out Non-Eligible Activities as such are set out in detail here.
  • For applications submitted to the PSKE as of 1 July 2022 under the de minimis aid scheme (Regulation 2831/2023), aid comprised of loans shall be considered as transparent de minimis aid if the beneficiary is not subject to collective insolvency proceedings and does not meet the criteria under its domestic law for being placed in collective insolvency proceedings at the request of its creditors.
  • They have been established by the time they submit their financing request herein to the bank.
  • They are deemed acceptable in terms of credit standing, in line with the bank's applicable credit policy and internal procedures.
  • They are solvent (including businesses with outstanding debts that are less than 90 dpd) as of the date the financing request is submitted to the bank.
  • If they have been included in any HDB (former ETEAN) financing programs that have expired or are still in effect and have not demonstrated adverse transaction behavior as regards repayment of their dues (loan termination or debts that are over 90 dpd), or have demonstrated adverse transaction behavior (loan termination) but have repaid their debts in full before submission of the financing request or, in the case of a guarantee program, the amount of the guarantee has not been paid by the HDB or if the said debt has been verified with the competent Tax Office, and such debt has been included in a rescheduling program which continues to be in force on the date the financing request is submitted.
  • Exclusion criteria do not apply, as per Article 40 of Law 4488/2017 (Government Gazette Α137/13.9.2017). 
  • No aid-funding claw-back order is pending under a previous decision of the EU Committee or the European Court, by which the said funding has been declared illegal and incompatible.

To evidence this criterion, the business must provide an agreement assigning public works, studies, or technical and other related scientific services, in which the same is the contractor, while the contracting authority is subject to the Public Procurement law governing the agreement, regardless of the stage of the works or study. 

In the case of subcontracting, the business must submit an agreement or private contract to evidence its association with the implementation of a Public Procurement, as well as the agreement by which a public project, study or technical and other related scientific services is awarded, regardless of the stage of the works or study. 

In the case of intention to enter into an agreement for the execution of works and/or studies of public interest, the business must provide proof of a bid submitted in a tender process for the assignment of a project and/or a study of public interest or the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in cases of direct award.

It should be noted that:

If the client has submitted an expression of interest to undertake a new public project, the procedure for the assignment of a project and/or study of public interest should not have been finalized by the date of the application for financing, which will be certified by a relevant Solemn Declaration from the client.
“Public procurements” and “contracts for works, studies, services and supplies" mean contracts as defined in Law 4412/2016 or Law 4782/2021 or Law 3316/2005, provided that the respective law on public procurements was in force at the time they were signed.

Yes, the Program requires the completion and submission of a business plan with the application. The relevant form will be provided to you by your NBG branch.

Loan in 4 steps

Step 1: Submit your application
Type to submit your application to the State Aid Information System (PSKE).
Step 2: Visit a branch
After submitting your request to PSKE, you'll need to visit one of our branches to find out more and provide us with the required documentation and submit your application to the bank.
Step 3: We assess your application

 After reviewing your supporting documents, we will check the eligibility and credit standing of your business. 

Step 4: Disbursement
Once your application has been approved by NBG and the HDB, you will need to visit your local branch to sign the relevant loan agreement.

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