Take a weight off your mind by insuring your car with Ethniki Insurance. Enjoy competitive prices and the reliability of a large insurance company. 
Specifically, you can: 

  • Choose any of the following Auto Protect plans: 
  • Standard, Extra and Privileged 
  • Enjoy a host of optional coverages 
  • Enjoy flexibility as regards the duration of the insurance plan
  • Choose alternative payment methods 

In brief:

  • Easy to get
  • Highly Flexible
  • Competitive prices

Auto Protect in detail

 Τhe program offers you: 

  • Immediate issue of an insurance policy for the Auto Protect Standard and Auto Protect Extra plans for cars of up to €25,000 upon payment of the premium. However, Ethniki Insurance reserves the right to carry out an expert report for an inspection of the insured vehicle on a case-by-case basis before or after the insurance policy issue.
  • Flexibility regarding the duration of the insurance: 3-month, 4-month, 6-month or annual term.
  • Automatic payment of the premium by standing order for the renewal of your insurance policy.
  • Payment of 6-month and annual insurance premiums using NBG credit cards in up to 12 interest-free instalments, depending on the duration of the insurance.
  • Well-organized services in the event of an accident - accident care, local towing, roadside assistance (optional coverage).
  • Participation in the Amicable Settlement System - even in the event that you're not liable for the accident, compensation is paid by Ethniki Insurance.
  • Coverage of damages caused by uninsured vehicles, and legal protection.
You can choose a duration of 3, 4, 6 or 12 months.

Your options vary depending on the insurance plan and coverages. 

Keep in mind that the premium for every insurance plan depends on a range of parameters, including: 

  • the use of the vehicle (private road vehicles, MOTO), 
  • engine capacity, 
  • KW of power,  
  • vehicle traffic zone, 
  • number of seats (only for cars), 
  • number of damages,  
  • driver’s age(<23 years old), 
  • driving licence issue date (<1 year),  
  • existence of a trailer. 

You can choose one of the following insurance plans depending on your needs.

Insurance plans.





Civil liability against third parties

Damage caused by uninsured vehicles

Local towing due to an accident (*)

Premium Guarantee

Accident care

Legal protection

Optional with Auto Protect Standard

Fire insurance


Fire from terrorist or malicious acts


Total & partial theft


Replacement of car due to total theft


Natural phenomena


Driver’s personal accident

Optional with Auto Protect Standard

Damage caused to your vehicle due to theft



Damage caused to your vehicle (Comprehensive Insurance)



Damage caused to your vehicle due to malicious acts



Glass breakage



Roadside assistance due to accident or breakdown (*)




* Coverage for motorcycles depends on their cubic capacity.

Note that:

  • Auto Protect packages are not available for vehicles already insured with Ethniki Insurance or in the event one of the existing insurance packages is already in force. 
  • The insurance does not cover vehicles with temporary (short-term) or foreign licence plates, as well as rental vehicles for private use.

This exception includes any form of rental (leasing, long-term and short-term lease and other). Furthermore, all vehicles used for providing transfer services are also excluded. 


The information you need

In the following documents you will find all the information you may need.

Important Notes:

The information contained herein is supplied for information purposes only and is not a substitute for the pre-contractual information required under applicable legislation, or for the insurance contract and the general and special terms thereof. The full pre-contractual and contractual data on this product are available at all National Bank of Greece (NBG) Branches. 

The insurance plans are designed by Ethniki Insurance and sold through National Bank of Greece S.A., Aiolou 86, 10559 Athens, Company Reg. No. 311481. For more information click here

Insurance plans are sold only by Bank staff who are certified insurance intermediaries.  The Bank is registered as an insurance agent with the Special Registry of the Athens Chamber of Tradesmen under No. 1028. The Special Registry’s data are available through the online platform “Point of Single Contact (ESIP)” of Active Insurance Intermediaries, via which you can verify the registration with the Special Registry. 
ESIP website

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Do you want more information?

Yes, you can pay your premium without visiting a branch, as follows: 

  • Standing orders: simply designate a deposit account and your vehicle insurance is paid automatically 
  • Use the electronic payment code printed on the premium payment notification and pay: 
  • Online: via Internet Banking   
  • By phone: via Phone Banking  
  • At an ATM: at any NBG ATM of your convenience  
No need to worry. You're covered by “accident care”. In the event of an accident, call Ethniki Insurance straight away, 24/7, at 210 90 99 999. One of Ethniki Insurance’s associates will be there to help you: Ethniki Insurance’s associate will record the circumstances under which the accident occurred, take all the necessary photographs and fill out the declaration. 

What supporting documents do I need?

  • Identity card or passport
    Your ID card or passport must be valid.
    Tell me more
  • Income Tax Clearance Certificate
    The income tax slip clearance certificate of the last two years.
  • Proof of occupation
    Proof of occupation might be requested.
  • Possibly utility bill
    Utility bill confirming your address might be requested.

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