LA MIA Stevia - A "sweet" success story

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31 March 2022
In this episode of Business in the Mix, listen to another interesting business story with a fascinating twist. Why? Because we're talking about a cooperative scheme. A partnership of growers that have accomplished a lot, not only in Greece but also abroad. How did they become the number one stevia leaf producer in Europe? Niki Lymperaki's guest is Christos Stamatis, CEO of Stevia Hellas or, as consumers know them, La Mia Stevia.

Innovative ideas in challenging times

Innovative ideas in challenging times

What can we learn from a small, medium-sized, family-run Greek company that has managed to attract international interest and stand out in the defense systems market? The answer is in this episode of the “Business in the Mix” podcast.
A Greek company in the fight against Parkinson’s disease

A Greek company in the fight against Parkinson’s disease

Is it possible for someone to improve the lives of thousands of people with a single innovative idea? In this episode of “Business in the Mix,” we look at a story of medical technological innovation developed in Greece.

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