The right banking solutions for your business

Learn how you can make everyday life easier for your business
You can strengthen your business and take the lead in today’s highly competitive environment by choosing the appropriate banking services for your needs. 

The ability to manage online a wide range of tasks, which saves valuable time, is one of the greatest advantages of our time. As more and more e-banking services become available and upgraded, you can enjoy them from the comfort of your office or workplace while boosting your productivity. 

The benefits for businesses

The packages offered include privileges and special benefits, so that all transactions can be carried out easily, quickly and efficiently. For example, through an integrated solution for your business, you can enjoy the following benefits:


  • Opening an account or issuing a card is now done through simplified, mainly online processes, which frees up time, and therefore allows you to focus on running your business.
  • With online transactions constantly gaining ground, using the right POS terminal for your business needs is extremely important. Choosing the right device is simple, as banks offer a variety of terminal types, with additional privileges and accompanying services per model.

The right banking solutions for your business


An example of the importance of finding the banking benefits package that best suits your business is NBG's Business PRESTIGE, a comprehensive package, with an annual subscription fee of €60 for individuals and €120 for legal entities. Specifically:


  • Interest-earning sight account: You get a sight account for your transaction needs. 
  • Chequebook: You receive a cheque book on favorable terms with benefits, such as 100 (for individuals) or 200 (for legal entities) free cheques per year.
  • Incoming money transfers: Enjoy a 50% discount on the Bank’s rates for incoming money transfers within Greece on favourable terms for a maximum of 100 transfers (individuals) or 200 (legal entities) per calendar year.
  • Outgoing money transfers: Transfer your money from your account to other accounts in Greece through Digital Banking free of charge, for a maximum of 100 (individuals) or 200 (legal entities) transfers per calendar year.
  • Debit card: You get the Debit Mastercard Business for your daily business needs with free annual subscription for the 1st card.  
  • Smart Notifications: You can be instantly informed about your account activity and grant the required approvals through the new personalized Push Notifications service provided to you free of charge.
  • i-bank POS: You can choose to have the payments from the POS you use credited to this account, and serve your customers who wish to pay with debit, credit or prepaid cards.  
  • Multiple Credits: Manage your multiple credits easily and quickly through Internet Banking for free.
  • Payroll Services: Pay your utility bills free of charge through Internet or Mobile banking, or by means of standing order.
  • Free payment of bills: Pay your utility bills free of charge through Internet or Mobile banking, or by means of standing order.
  • i-statements: View your account activity statements online from wherever you are through Digital Banking’s i-statement service.


Modern banking services provide your business with tools and solutions that serve its needs and goals. Choose the right ones for you and improve the efficiency of your business.