Business solutions for today's professionals

Learn about banking packages that can support you in growing your business

A new era has begun for Greek businesses, in which technology plays a leading role, bringing with it a series of challenges. Challenges faced by today's business owners.

Banks, being fully aware of the need not only for digital transformation, but also for speed, flexibility and adaptability in the solutions they offer, have designed services that facilitate the modern business and its operation. Needs, after all, have changed significantly through time, with convenience, as well as immediacy, being the desired features for all transactions.

Basic needs of today's business

Managing the day-to-day tasks of running a business can be a complex process. But what are the basic needs of business owners and how are banks meeting them? Let's take a closer look: 


  • Account activity: With obligations never ending, it’s important for any business owner to have a complete picture of their account activity whenever needed. Smart notifications serve exactly this purpose. Whether via mobile messaging or email, they provide you an update on your account inflows and outflows, thus giving you an accurate picture and full control.
  • Instant payments: We all know how important it is for a business to make payments on time to cover expenses. Now, you can carry out all your payments automatically online through the linked bank account, wherever you are.
  • Money transfers and staff payroll: Transferring money instantly and covering your staff payroll by payment order via Internet Banking enables you to process your transactions quickly and securely. 

Business solutions for today's professionals

NBG's Basic solution

NBG's Business Basic package, which can be obtained either online through digital channels or through the branch network, is designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises and today's professionals. With a fixed monthly subscription of €2.50 you can take advantage of all the options offered and carry out your transactions easily, quickly and at low cost. Looked at in more detail, by choosing the Business Basic package, you have the following options at your disposal:

  • Paying bills: Pay three public utility bills per month free of charge through Internet or Mobile banking, or by means of standing order.
  • Chequebook: The Business Basic package provides you with a cheque book linked to your sight account with preferential terms and benefits, such as free 10 cheques per year, for your business’s transaction needs.
  • Debit card: Get your Debit Mastercard Business with a 50% discount on the annual subscription for the 1st card, and use it to meet your daily business needs.
  • Money transfers: Meet your business needs by transferring funds from your Business Basic account to other accounts in Greece or abroad. 
  • Payroll services: Carry out your company's payroll payments easily and quickly through Internet Banking, with no additional costs.
  • Multiple credits: Manage your multiple credits through NBG's Internet Banking.
  • i-statements:  View your account statements online through Digital Banking's i-statement service.


There is a host of options available to businesses and professionals today via Digital Banking, facilitating them in an economic environment that is constantly changing and ever more competitive. Learn more about the available options and products so you can decide what the best choice is for your business.