As part of our strategic collaboration with EPSILON NET for the joint design, development and distribution of products and services aimed at enhancing and supporting entrepreneurship in Greece, we developed Epsilon Pay, the first set of services for businesses.

This collaboration includes the gradual development of integrated products and services, in the field of Embedded Banking, through the direct interconnection of EPSILON NET IT systems (ERP, commercial accounting software) with our bank's systems, building on our advanced Open Banking platform of National Bank of Greece

Via Epsilon Pay, you use the integrated management of collections service, as well as accompanying tools like Banking Aggregator and Epsilon Pay BI, directly to your Epsilon system (Pylon, Galaxy, Smart).

Specifically, the service enables you to:

Optimize your operation costs and management time for collections

Enhance sales of your business by responding promptly to payments by customers 

Develop a merchant policy for each customer offering flexible payment packages

Upgrade your customers' experience every time they carry out a payment.

In brief:

Collections management

Real-time information

Flexible payment methods

Registration Requirements


Epsilon Pay, a new digital world for you!

In order to provide you an integrated experience of your collections automation and accompanying tools in cooperation with EPSILON NET.


You can receive each payment instantly and manage the reconciliation of collections through your own system, in real time.


You have full flexibility in the exchange of data, while your system is informed real time for each customer payment.


When using the innovative Epsilon Pay digital set of services, you enjoy more benefits, such as the option to perform accounting entries.

Service Features in detail


  • Integrated management of your collections  

    You get instant payment codes for every invoice and record of your company's customers, real time information for every payment from a customer and updates of your company's system. Save time and reduce costs with the option to manage collections of invoices and accounting entries. 

  • Flexible provision of payment codes

    By activating the service directly in your Epsilon system (Pylon, Galaxy, Smart), each invoice and customer record is automatically attributed a unique payment code identifying each of your customer payments and facilitating the commercial and accounting reconciliation of collections directly in your system.

  • Real time information on each payment

    Once your customer perform a payment using a payment code via the service, whether through NBG or another bank in Greece, your system is updated in real time, thus facilitating the monitoring and reconciliation of collections.

  • Immediate credit of collections to your account

    Payments made through third banks are credited to your business account held with NBG on the same day or by the next morning. Payments made through NBG are immediately available in your business account.

  • Customer information about the payment code

    You can send a payment notification to your customers including the payment code for their information. The payment code is also displayed in the form of a barcode/QR to be used on devices that support it.

Integrated management of collections service Registration Requirements

Since you run an ERP Epsilon Pylon, Smart ή Galaxy, you will need to activate the relevant subscription to Epsilon Net subscription platform.

Depending on the type of your business:


Α.Legal Entities

  • The company's full details
  • Valid legal opinion on the legalization of the company's representatives
  • Registered Declaration of the Beneficial Owner (if required)
  • Updated Financial and Transaction Profile, based on you recent economic data



Β.Sole proprietorships

  • The customer's full details
  • Duly verified copy of a document indicating your ID data, such as your ID card or passport
  • Duly verified copy of a document indicating your TIN/foreign TIN/country of tax residence
  • Duly verified copy of a document indicating your home address and phone number where we can reach you
  • Document evidencing your occupation and your work address
  • Updated Financial and Transaction Profile, based on your recent economic data



Keeping your company details up to date:

  • Check if your details are up to date via NBG Internet Banking. Go to Setting > View Profile > User Details. Choose what you need to update:
    • You company's online legalization
    • Your company's transaction profile
    • Indicate Beneficial Owner
  • Visit one of our Branches.

Confirm that you have access codes to NBG Internet Banking and business user classification A1, B1, C1 for registration. Check your business user classification via NBG's Internet Banking > Settings. If you don't have Internet Banking access codes, you 'll need to visit one of our branches. 

If you're not an NBG customer, you can register online (see how here). Alternatively, visit any NBG branch.

Do you have any questions?

Through the service and directly in your Epsilon system, you can generate for each invoice and customer record the payment code you want, depending on your business agreement. The production of payment codes is provided through the service, free of charge.

In order to process a payment to your company, you clients are able via their bank, to:

  • Use the payment code displayed on their invoice, following three simple steps: 

1. Select "Bill Payments" via the internet or mobile banking app of their bank
2. Enter the payment code for the Epsilon Pay organization and
3. Enter the payment amount

  • Use the barcode / QR displayed on their invoice, by selecting "Bill Payments" on the mobile app of their bank and scanning it to pay
  • Tap on the payment notification link and choose to pay through the internet banking app of their bank, with the payment details auto-filled
  • If your customer wishes to pay at a branch, they may be charged with the applicable rates of their bank
Every time your customers pay through the service, your company receives real-time information.

You can initiate your registration by activating an Epsilon Pay subscription through Epsilon Net My Account and using your login credentials for NBG 's Internet Banking in order to complete the registration.

To register with NBG, you should follow these steps:

  • Login to NBG's Internet Banking using your credentials
  • Select the collection account and accept the terms of use for the Epsilon Pay service
  • Complete your registration by inserting the OTP code

Before you sign up, please read the registration requirements.

Via the service, we offer you a full range of service packages to best meet your needs. Depending on the package you choose, you 'll be able to generate payment codes and receive a specific number of receipts on an annual basis. Alternatively, you can choose to be charged separately per transaction.

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