Basic tools to promote your business

Useful ideas and information that are good to know in the initial steps of your business

One thing that's really important for all businesses, especially start-ups, is that their brand name is familiar to the public, and that they create a strong customer base, and manage to retain it and strengthen it.

 There are many tools all businesses can use — regardless of size or industry — to attract both customers and investors.

Digital Marketing

Marketing is the connecting link, the meeting point between a company and its customers – existing and potential. What has changed in recent years is the place where they meet, as the internet now prevails in consumer preferences and in their daily lives. Online advertising allows businesses to target specific audience segments, enhancing their campaign results and creating appropriate target audiences for each subsequent marketing drive. Important benefits include the following:


  • Greater geographical coverage compared to traditional advertising media, as a digital advertisement can — if well structured — be viewed anywhere in the world.
  • Low cost. In Digital Marketing, large investments can be made, but there are also quite cheap solutions, especially when you consider the results they can yield.
  • Better audience targeting. Digital marketing is a great tool for businesses to effectively reach their target audience, which is more likely to be interested in the advertising it comes into contact with.
  • Results that can be measured and monitored: Online advertising produces real-time measurable results and, more importantly, can be instantly tweaked if the business visibility is not as strong as expected. In other words, it's flexible, thanks to the feedback it offers.
  • Constant improvement: The potential of Digital Marketing is constantly growing, offering more and more tools and solutions. What is needed, however, is ongoing training in the use of these capabilities, so that the company leverages the latest and best tools for its business purpose.

Basic tools to promote your business


The pandemic has simply confirmed the new trend: that e-commerce has the potential to help a business grow to an extent that would never have been possible with the physical store alone. Its benefits include easy accessibility, since e-shops operate 24/7, but also 'the absence of borders', with potential customers multiplying. A necessary condition, however, for the e-venture to succeed is to lay the right foundations, to make the appropriate investments and to be able to properly support — depending on the competition — the demanding flow of online commerce. 

Programs that support entrepreneurship

Participation in innovation competitions and entrepreneurship programs for start-ups can generate important results and know-how regarding effective marketing of a business or the commercial exploitation of an idea. In Greece there are a variety of such support programs, through which businesses can grow and take their first steps on solid ground, whether by winning cash prizes or advisory guidance and access to financing.  

NBG Business Seeds is a comprehensive program designed to support entrepreneurship and innovative ideas. Through the program's initiatives and actions, which promote innovation, technology and fresh ideas, businesses can secure funding, benefit from advisory support and systematic guidance, and gain access to important networking opportunities.

There are many options available to businesses today which enable them to start their activity and grow, and accordingly they should endeavour to make the right moves. It is important that entrepreneurs are well aware of the available options and tools that can empower them, as well as the support and guidance they can access.