The importance of having the right banking advisor by your side

Do you want accurate and expert guidance? Contact the right professionals
Today's aspiring businessperson needs to take a variety of critical issues into consideration: digital banking and the constantly evolving possibilities it offers, available financing programs, the ever-shifting economic environment, and the needs for liquidity and growth of operations. That is why, now more than ever, it is essential to have by your side a qualified professional who understands your business well and also the available solutions for all of these issues, so that you get the right advice at the right time.

National Bank of Greece is your ally

Always conscious of the needs of its customers, NBG offers businesses advisory support and guidance through its Business Consultants, its specialized and experienced staff members, who are continuously trained in order to offer the best guidance as regards not only the Bank's products and services, but also broader circumstances, such as ESPA subsidies or the potential and opportunities offered by the Recovery and Resilience Fund.

For example, if you're looking for financing, our expert advisors will carefully list the needs of your company and propose the best solutions for inclusion in the appropriate financing program. Our advisors remain by your side every step of the way, carefully considering your business objectives and talking you through the available investment opportunities and how the company can benefit from them, supporting you through the entire process from the initial application to disbursement.

The importance of having the right banking advisor by your side

Wide range of services

NBG's Business Banking advisors can assist businesses with a wide variety of issues, however important, arising in the course of their business activity. For example, our business advisors will:

  • Communicate with you in order to understand the transaction cycle of the business and the transaction or financing needs created by it, so as to be able to propose and help you choose the product or service that best suits your business. 
  • Guide you through the new digital environment and show you the applications and solutions we offer through our digital channels that can help you save time and money, with flexibility and security.
  • Discuss your business plans and propose tailored financial products and solutions that will meet your short- or long-term needs.
  • Support you in the event you're unable to pay your dues (early warning system).


Business needs are various and rapidly changing, demanding constant vigilance. It is therefore important to know that at your Bank you have the team that will guide and stand by you in the face of every business challenge and opportunity. From supporting and providing solutions for new financing needs, to renewing your credit line or optimally managing your liquidity.

Our Business Banking Consultants have the expertise and know-how to provide specialized solutions that meet the needs of specific business sectors, such as shipping, tobacco industry, food and beverages and many others, and look forward to helping you choose the products, solutions and facilities that best suit your business.