e-Commerce: the new business reality

Discover tips and available solutions for a successful e-Commerce strategy

Until a few years ago, plenty of businesses did not even have a website. Today, on the contrary, many of them have already added e-commerce and online shopping to their services, which is indicative of the progress that has been made in familiarizing businesses with the possibilities and benefits of the Internet. Their transition to a more technologically advanced everyday life, as required by online sales and modern websites, has created significant potential for increasing turnover, contacting new potential customers, and increasing the products and services offered by a business.

Apart from global circumstances, such as technological developments and the wider boom in e-commerce fueled by the pandemic, the digital transformation of Greek businesses is also greatly aided by special support programs, such as the NSRF programs, and the use of ever-evolving technologies, such as clouds, which serve a range of processes, from accounting to product sales.

A new reality

An evident example of the new reality in retail shopping is that, according to a survey conducted by Krataion Consulting and GR.EC.A (Greek E-Commerce Association), 77% of consumers say they are shopping more online than in the pre-COVID era, while 16% of consumers made their first online purchase after the pandemic outbreak and have been doing so ever since, with 60% of consumers saying they will continue to shop online all product categories. Similar increases are also shown by Eurostat statistics, according to which 72% of Internet users shop online.

e-Commerce: a new landscape for businesses

Some of the e-Commerce secrets

Achieving impressive results in e-Commerce requires a friendly and intuitive online shopping experience for your customers. There are dedicated solutions and practices for simplifying the consumers' browsing experience, from the product selection process to the final purchase, but also for how your e-shop identifies the right audience, suggesting product categories in which they are already interested or very likely to be interested.

Moreover, practices such as the regular updating of the photographs or even short video productions uploaded in the e-shop are particularly effective, as they attract more interest and increase the degree of trust that the user feels for your e-shop. 

Business Social Media

In addition to the above, business social media accounts can also be used, not only because they are extensively used by large audiences, but also because it is very likely the place where consumers will encounter your products for the first time and form the first impression of them, and, by extension, of your e-shop. Therefore, through the posts and content you feature, you have the opportunity to make this encounter attractive and appropriate enough to drive users to your e-shop. 

Finally, it is very important not to forget that modern consumers are now trained in personalized marketing, receive a plethora of messages every day and are usually more influenced by campaigns targeting exclusively their needs. 

NBG Pay experts are here for you, offering a wide variety of e-commerce solutions, which can help you take the right steps to increase sales and communicate with your customers in a more direct, simple and modern way.