Health insurance and your business

The right health insurance plan can give you more benefits than you think
Human resources are undoubtedly the most valuable asset of a company. Regardless of the number of employees your business may have, it's certain that their health care is an extremely important benefit and source of motivation, which is often linked to the performance and loyalty of staff. 

This link seems to be recognized by more and more companies, which choose to invest in group health plans. Indeed, according to market sources, the number of people insured under group policies is constantly increasing and currently exceeds one million (including dependent members) in Greece.

Benefits for your business

Further to the benefits for employees, the benefits for the business are also particularly important and multidimensional. More specifically:

  • Performance & Loyalty: A group insurance plan has the potential to enhance the performance of a business as it creates a sense of common purpose and unity. It presents an important benefit for employees, who recognize it both during their period of employment and when in the process of choosing an employer. 
  • Reputation: Group programs contribute to a better reputation of the company as an employer, which allows it on the one hand to attract competent executives and, on the other, to retain existing ones.
  • Taxation: Under Law, the insurance premia paid by the employer for medical and hospital coverage or against life or disability risks are tax exempt 100%, up to the amount of €1,500 per year/employee. In practical terms this means that the cost of group insurance is considered an expense of the business and is tax deductible up to the said limit.

Health insurance and your business

Available options

For businesses that wish to insure the health of their staff, NBG offers the flexible plan Full Prevention, which was created by Ethniki Insurance in collaboration with the Affidea Group. This plan enables you to provide your employees with:

  • Significant financial benefit in diagnostic tests (up to € 700 or € 2,000, depending on the insurance package chosen).
  • Wide range of tests, based on the government price list. 
  • Cooperation with 99% of the diagnostic centres across Greece.
  • Coverage of diagnostic tests (within the agreed limit) in the event of an emergency throughout the European network of the Affidea Group.
  • Possibility of additional coverage with any other health insurance. 


A group insurance policy is considered an “investment” on the part of the business. Unlike classic investments, however, group health insurance doesn't require very substantial funds, given that the cost is relatively low, while at the same time tax exemptions apply. 

It is certain that a group insurance policy strengthens the employee's feeling that he or she is a valued member of your company, while at the same time it makes them feel more secure and confident, which in turn enhance loyalty and performance.