Experience the benefits of Digital Banking for businesses

Discover how digital banking can make everyday life easier for your business
At a time when businesses are constantly adapting to technological advances to improve both their image in a highly competitive environment and the level of services and products they offer, Digital Banking is one of the best examples of the conveniences that technology has to offer.  

Most financial institutions have designed and offer integrated digital services, which cover both day-to-day needs and more demanding business processes. 

The benefits for businesses

The ever-increasing use of new technologies by banks creates significant and multifaceted benefits for businesses. More specifically:

  • The range of available products and services is expanded, meeting both their current and urgent needs. 
  • Transaction times are reduced, as businesses can now instantly transfer money from one account to another, pay suppliers or clear a purchase without physically visiting an NBG branch.   
  • The reliability of banking systems ensures greater security in transactions.
  • Better control of the business finances is ensured, as the manager can access its accounts and the transaction records at any time. 

Experience the benefits of Digital Banking for businesses

What NBG has to offer

Total banking transactions at the NBG increased by 6% in 3Q22, while Digital Banking transactions rose by 24% year-on-year, replacing in-branch transactions. It is indicative that the latter have decreased by 44% compared to 3Q20. This is the result of the NBG's continuous efforts to enrich its digital services for businesses, with the aim of providing an integrated digital offering that fully meets their needs.

Business Digital Onboarding

NBG, being the first to offer Digital Onboarding for natural persons - which enables individuals to become NBG clients via their mobile phone, opening a savings account, issuing a debit card, and obtaining Digital Banking access codes exclusively online - has now extended its offering to businesses. With the Business Digital Onboarding service, businesses that are not NBG clients can open a sight account exclusively online, as well as gain access to Internet Banking. The process is very simple and is carried out via Internet Banking, without visiting an NBG branch. 

To get started, you will need:

1. The General Commercial Registry (G.E.MI) No and VAT No of the business
2. G.E.MI documents, depending on the business legal form
3. Information on the natural persons involved in the business, such as their full name, Tax ID Number, ID number, contact number, etc. 

Opening a sight account for businesses

The businesses that are already NBG customers can open a new sight account exclusively online, choosing between a variety of packages designed to meet the different needs of each business.

EXPRESS business loan

At the same time, with the EXPRESS business loan, businesses can get a business loan, up to € 35,000, exclusively online, without visiting an NBG branch. 

More specifically, this product 

  • is addressed to freelancers and businesses who have an NBG sight account to cover their working capital needs
  • is a one-year maturity loan, with the option of renewal at maturity on request. 

The entire process, from the submission of the request, notification of the approval decision, signing of the contractual document to the disbursement, is carried out via Internet Banking, without visiting an NBG branch. 

Integrated digital banking

In addition to the above, there are also many other capabilities, services and products, whose processes have been fully digitalized or simplified to a large extent, such as the online renewal of legal documents, online repayment, and disbursement of business lines of credit, online management of import-export transactions and other. The aim is to make the everyday banking and transactions of a business as simple as possible.  Therefore, it is very important for the modern entrepreneur to be aware of every new opportunity in order to make the most of its benefits in the best way possible.