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NBG Business Seeds is an integrated program designed to foster innovative and export-oriented entrepreneurship.

It includes actions that aim at showcasing innovative ideas and projects, training and mentoring teams, and providing infrastructures, networking and financing.

Once the competition phase is over and the proposals are awarded, NBG places special emphasis on supporting the implementation of selected shortlisted proposals through the actions of the NBG Business Seeds program (www.nbg.gr/nbgseeds).

NBG works in partnership with the Athens University of Economics & Business (AUEB) so as to provide representatives of shortlisted proposals with the opportunity to attend training programs on business themes and receive free-of-charge services and products of Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft.
In addition, as regards financial support for businesses, NBG provides targeted financial support actions in partnership with The People’s Trust, lending actions and participation in their company equity, as well as mentoring and networking actions in cooperation with Google, Grant Thornton, Watson, Farley & Williams, Israel Advanced Technology Industries (IATI), the Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce, Census, ΜcKinsey, KEMEL (Center of Volunteer Managers – Greece) and Endeavor Greece.

Emphasis is placed on the mentoring of the teams by NBG’s experienced staff who, backed by professional experience of more than 20 years in diverse banking fields, propose targeted solutions to improve each business initiative.   

​​Since 2010 NBG has been running its "Innovation & Technology" Competition to encourage and foster young entrepreneurship by giving a helping hand to fresh ideas, business plans and start-ups.

The "Innovation & Technology" competition in collaboration with Greek universities highlights and supports business ideas emanating from university classrooms and productive sectors. 

The proposals shortlisted for the 2nd Phase of the "Innovation & Technology" competition are required to submit a full business plan for the implementation of their business idea. The plan, together with the implementation or the pilot run, is presented to the Final Evaluation Committee, who then/so they may select the winners.

Winners of university competitions that ​​have been selected by NBG (such as the Ennovation Competition of the AUEB​), as well as the teams that have received distinction in the ekinisiLAB program run by SEV, can take part directly in this phase of the Competition.

At the same time, in partnership with the AUEB training actions are carried out for the improvement and development of the business plans.

​NBG Business Seeds, a program with an initial budget of €15 million, aims at supporting innovative entrepreneurship by offering different types of credit to cover the needs of the start-ups in their first three basic stages: establishment & first steps, development and outward-looking orientation.

The types of credit lines offered by "NBG Business Seeds" include:

  • equity  financing, involving participation in the company's equity
  • special purpose loans to develop new activities
  • bond loans that can be converted into shares
The shortlisting of candidate companies is carried out mainly through the Innovation & Technology​ competition, without excluding candidate companies arising from partnerships under the "NBG Business Seeds" program, such as affiliated university competitions, and incubation in partnership with the SEV​.
In the framework of the "NBG Business Seeds" program and through partnership with Endeavor Greece the nominated companies enjoy:
  • credit line on the basis of banking criteria (in line with NBG credit policy)
  • support and mentoring services
​These actions focus on developing the innovative and growing businesses into outward-looking companies that will contribute to Greek economic growth and the creation of new jobs.


National Bank of Greece participates as a limited partner in venture capital companies created within the framework of Equifund both in Greece and abroad.

The aim is to forge close cooperation with these companies in Greece with a view to supporting the country's innovation ecosystem, fostering partnership agreements with universities, specialized partnerships for harnessing the commercial potential of research results, and developing partnerships with research centers (e.g., the Institute of Applied & Computational Mathematics-IACM, the National Research and Technology Center, the "Alexander Fleming" Biomedical Sciences Research Center, and the National Center for Scientific Research "Dimokritos").

In addition, the potential for co-investment in the companies in which the said funds invest in Greece and overseas will be considered.


  • Marathon
    Marathon Venture Capital (https://marathon.vc) helps ambitious founders build world-class companies.

  • Metavallon
    Metavallon is a €32 million venture capital firm that specializes in seed stage funding for technology companies. The firm engages at the very early stage and funds companies that will operate at the forefront of business and technology innovation. Metavallon's mission is to invest in and work alongside ambitious entrepreneurs, helping them build transformational businesses across multiple stages, geographies and industries.
  • Unifund
    Uni.Fund (http://uni.fund) is one of the new funds established through the fund-of-funds Venture Capital Fund (Equifund) focusing on Innovation Window and Technology Transfer.

    The aim of the fund is to provide funding to new startups and to create a new philosophy in the Greek business ecosystem, universities and research centers.

    Its initial capital is €27 million, and it is expected to rise to as much as €40 million. Besides the Equifund fund-of-funds, which is represented by the European Investment Fund (EIF), other private investors are participating in Uni.Fund, including National Bank of Greece and the Alexandros S. Onassis Foundation.

    The key target groups are teams and businesses at the pre-seed and seed stages working in the area of ICT and e-business (e.g., ICT, IoT, health-tech, fin-tech, insurance-tech), with innovative products or services (e.g. in trade, agrofood, maritime, tourism, health etc.), as well as the broader technology sector (materials, energy informatics, environment etc.).

    The initiative aspires to build the foundations for a healthy and sustainable business ecosystem in Greece and to generate value by fostering innovative enterprises. Uni.Fund will support the teams that will be financed so as to help them develop their human resources, implement tried and tested go-to-market strategies, and pursue growth in Greece and abroad.