NBG Internships mean business!

The main purpose of internships is to gain experience and get to know the everyday working life of an organization. Here at NBG we support young people at the start of their career by offering the “i-work@nbg" Internship Program.

i-work@nbg at a glance:

Who can apply?

  • Seniors and graduates of postgraduate programs 
  • 3 years work experience (max)

Paid or not?

Salaried, sponsored by NBG!

Program announcement and Duration?

  • NBG website & Social Media 
  • University Websites & Social Media
  • Duration: 6 + 6 months

This is a 6+6-month paid internship program aimed at seniors and graduates of postgraduate programs (and, as the case may be, graduates of undergraduate programs), who wish to gain know-how and professional experience by working in specialized areas of the Bank's business activities alongside experienced executives. The Program is structured around a number of development and educational actions that contribute to the full inclusion and integration of participants in the Bank.

Participants are employed with a 6-month apprentice contract with the option of renewal for another 6 months following a positive evaluation. 

The i-work@nbg Internship Program offers:

  • Exposure to real working conditions
  • Substantive duties based on pre-defined job descriptions
  • Attendance of in-class & e-learning seminars
  • Systematic guidance, on-the-job training and feedback
  • Participation in a number of development actions
  • Support and guidance from specialized HR staff

Through the internship experience you gain:

  • Access to the labor market
  • Professional experience in specialized fields
  • Application of knowledge in practice
  • Increased self-awareness and self-improvement

Following successful completion of the Program, there is possibility of employment at the Bank, provided that interns have successfully met the Program’s requirements and, in addition, there is a relevant need on the part of the bank.

The Program is announced every year through the Bank's website and social media accounts, as well as through the websites and social media of University internship offices.  Applications can only be submitted via the bank's website.

For more information, contact us via e-mail, at: 

[email protected]



[email protected] internship program

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Our team is growing!

Learn all about 20 new job positions at the NBG branch network’s team.

Learn all about 20 new job positions at the NBG branch network’s team.


We aim high, together!


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Next Banking Generation Internship

Next Banking Generation Internship

Are you a postgraduate student at the Department of Finance and Banking Management of the University of Piraeus, and have also enrolled in ACCA Accelerate?

Discover the Next Banking Generation Internship and take your first professional steps in Finance with NBG's support.

Supporting young people

We systematically monitor developments in the labor market by attending conferences, university events and career days with the participation of our people from various units of the bank. We want to support the country's young people to get to know us and together learn about the bank with the longest history, offering opportunities that support a dynamic start to their career path.
Thomas Tsopanakis

“I started out with the i-work @ NBG Internship Program and two years later I was given the opportunity to become Head of the Digital Business team. For me, NBG is like a family, it supports innovation at work, and – equally importantly – has stood by me every step of the way, giving me the opportunity to develop, be creative, and learn through the state-of-the-art digital products that we develop.”

Thomas Tsopanakis
Sector Head of User Experience, Digital Business Division
Eleonora Verykiou

“A relationship of trust with our customers. That stands at the core of NBG’s Premium Banking philosophy. And for me, there's no greater recognition and incentive than that to be creative. Because this is what the Bank is all about: this day-to-day contact with our customers, which enhances our creativity and keeps us at the center of developments.”
Eleonora Verykiou
Deputy Branch Manager - Retail Banking, Panormou Branch
Tasiana Anatoli

“As a member of the NBG family for the last 17 years I've gained knowledge, experience and professional fulfilment, all of which are embodied in my effort to provide reliable and effective service to our customers. After all, the strength of NBG lies in its people!”
Tasiana Anatoli
Team Leader Retail Banking, Veroia Branch (325)
Natassa Dourgoutian

“Each day at NBG is a challenge. My role is to serve SMEs in the region as they seek to grow their business, while at the same time I work alongside and guide my team as its members seek to enhance their skills. It’s exciting to be able to provide the help your customers and your colleagues need.”
Natassa Dourgoutian
Executive at Branch Network Strategy Division

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