Our people

182 years now, we look forward. With the voice of our people as our primary vehicle, we seek to progress and evolve. With people as our main priority, we aim to create a positive working environment that respects all employees without exception. 

At a glance important figures for 2022:  

  • Men 46% Women 54%
  • 76% level of higher/higher and postgraduate education 
  • In the Board of Directors and management team, more than 31% are women
  • 58% of our people in senior positions in the store network are women
  • 73% Employee Engagement Index
  • More than 225,584 hours of training invested
  • 8 women in the management team


Every employee has tools and resources at their disposal to contribute to the realization of our shared vision. 


We provide equal opportunities

Every person has a right to evolve. That is why we give everybody a chance to grow professionally. Each employee has the appropriate tools and means to contribute with their work in the implementation of our shared vision. Thus, we evolve together through our people.

  • 54%

  • 70%

  • 31%

    Women on the board
  • 58%

    Women in stores
  • 79%

    Commitment index
  • 161.000

    Training hours

We embrace diversity

Four different generations, the same respect for the employee. People from different generations coexist within the work environment, with unique characteristics, needs, desires, and capabilities. Regardless of age and role, every person has value and is unique. We strive to continually improve and cultivate behaviors that create an inclusive work environment with respect and dignity for all. We believe that innovation, decision-making efficiency, leadership, and profitability are improved and enhanced over the long term by everyone's diversity. 

Respect and equal opportunities for all genders

Committed to the vision of achieving gender equality in the labor market and in society, we continue the journey we began in 1911 with the hiring of the first woman employee in the bank. Today we’re proud to be the first Greek bank to enter the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index and the only one to be awarded a distinction for the 6th consecutive year.

Respect for human dignity

We adopt and implement anti-harassment and anti-violence policies and corresponding complaint handling policies. The aim is to ensure the right of every person to work free of violence and/or harassment and to strengthen measures to prevent and report inappropriate behavior. We want to maintain high standards at all times, ensuring that our working environment is governed by respect, trust, fairness and inspires safety in our people. We uphold equality and meritocracy, without discrimination on the basis of personal or other characteristics, having zero tolerance for any incident that arises.

Fotini Ioannou

"Our daily life at NBG – our reality – confirms our belief that women can do anything. That’s why we provide every opportunity and possibility for them to play a leading role, demonstrating in practice the genuine spirit of inclusion that characterizes us. And this applies to all sectors and all roles. It’s no coincidence that the participation of women in areas of responsibility is constantly increasing, such as in the senior management team and in the Board of Directors where the proportion of women amounts to ~30%." 
Fotini Ioannou
General Manager Claims Management & Specialized Asset Solutions
Ioanna Sapountzi

"We’re participating for the sixth year in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index. We’re the first Greek Bank to achieve this and we are proud of it. We’ve worked together with a lot of people to achieve this, and this shows how high we put values such as equality and respect for personality and diversity." 
Ioanna Sapountzi
Manager Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development
Apostoliki Kaloudi

"I’ve been in the NBG team for 34 years, and for most of them in positions of responsibility. Our corporate culture encourages the promotion of women to senior positions and their professional development, ensuring the necessary respect and diversity in the professional arena. No less than 58%, that is, 6 out of 10 high-ranking staff in our Branch Network are women, and that says a lot. " 
Apostoliki Kaloudi
Regional Manager A2 Branch Division
Sofia Malagoniari

"I came to the NBG team 3 years ago, because I considered it an important step in my career, but also because I knew that I would find an environment of equality for all, where women have equal opportunities for professional development. I feel very lucky, because through a position that involves special demands and responsibilities, I participate in an extremely important sector of the Bank, i.e. the digital transformation of its business." 
Sofia Malagoniari
Senior Product Manager, Digital Transformation (Development of Digital Applications)

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