NBG. Our new image

Our new corporate image isn’t just based on a redesigned logo, but includes also a vivid visual system where the shape of the oval expresses the Bank's profile across all its business activities.

National Bank of Greece. Banking Today

A modern Bank 
A Bank in constant evolution 
Focusing on people, society, and the development of all.

Our Bank’s big change is already here. Our digital services offer you a top-in-class platform to perform your daily banking needs, while our people can be relied upon to help you solve more complex business and financial tasks. 

Focusing on the needs of our customers, employees, society and the environment, and committed to supporting new ideas that carry us forward, our bank is a pillar of stability that is driving growth even as it embarks on a new chapter in its history.

NBG—our bank, your bank—is an organization with a unique history and a dynamic future. We are marking this new era with a new logo and a radical overhaul of our corporate image. 

This is NBG. This is Banking Today.

What our new image symbolizes


NBG’s potential and prospects are now also reflected in our image. The key principles underlying our new corporate identity reflect and express the progress we've made in recent years. Our new identity:

  • focuses on the future, but also has deep respect for our past. It reflects the strength, knowledge and experience of 183 years of business activity in Greece, and a commitment to providing inspired leadership.
  • shines a light on all our strengths—both those that have made NBG stand out over time and those that have emerged in recent years through dedicated, systematic work. 
  • expresses today's banking experience that is grounded in connectivity, accessibility, convenience and continuous innovation, while focusing on you—our customer—and your needs, concerns and dreams.
  • manifests NBG's profile and culture going forward—a thriving organization, a leader that listens to each and every customer, cares about the great social demands of our times, and acts responsibly towards the environment.

"NBG’s new image signals a new identity and a new era, while also reflecting the important changes that have taken place in the bank in recent years."

Gikas Hardouvelis
Chair of the Board


"The change in our corporate image comes to seal the substantial changes we have achieved over the last 5 years."

Pavlos Mylonas

Our new campaign about who the National Bank of Greece is today.