Motivated by the bank's transformation and our unique journey with our people, together in what we envision and accomplish, we confidently look into the future and steadily continue on the path of evolution. Our people are our greatest asset. Thus, involving them in programs and initiatives, we make them stakeholders in every change and we altogether create a better future.
Our goal is to shape a modern and competitive way of operating for the bank and its people, while pursuing our bank’s vision.


Together for what unites us.

We are: 
Human: Your needs and choices are at the centre of everything we do.
Trustworthy : We operate with transparency, knowledge and experience.
Responsive:  We provide flexible solutions tailored to your needs.
A Growth catalyst : We accelerate progress and prosperity.

Our Purpose
Our purpose is expressed in three simple words:

Τogether, we create future:

  • Together - we are a team, with respect for our customer and our colleague
  • We create - we deliver results every day, with a clear plan and rapid implementation
  • Future - we give our best so that our clients and ourselves can move forward.

What sets us apart
We always strive to be better. 

  • We carry out an Employee Experience Survey; we want to enhance and improve our working environment by listening to our people's views in critical areas that affect their day-to-day lives.

We established the NBG Academy by investing in our people's continuous development and training. We seek to empower the appropriate skills and soft skills necessary for the new age. Through a wide range of training and learning, we empower our people to develop the appropriate technical and behavioral skills, necessary to face the challenges of the new era. 

  • We are implementing a new Appraisal and Development System for all employees, enhancing transparency, meritocracy, and reward.
  • We adopt new Recognition and Reward Schemes (bonus) which enhance high performance and we value everyone's contribution and effort.
  • We promote the active participation of our people in transformation projects. The projects cover all areas of the bank's business, from redesigning internal processes and systems that enhance our efficiency to developing new products and integrating new technologies and digital structures that improve the customer experience and efficiency in serving them. 
  • We promote open and regular communication, with actions and initiatives involving the management team. We strengthen and change internal communication channels to reinforce direct information about our strategy and orientation and regular daily updates on important issues that we all need to be aware of. 
  • We celebrate our successes and achievements by organizing Ceremonies and special initiatives, such as the celebration of the bank's 180th anniversary, at the heart of which are our people. 
  • Together we managed to make our events digital. During the period of the pandemic, we talked about what unites us, at the big online event for the launch of our new Purpose and Values, taking full advantage of the possibility of connection and monitoring by every colleague. 
  • We protect human dignity and create a respectful working environment by strengthening our policies against any form of harassment and/or violence and by activating relevant reporting and investigation mechanisms.

We are reinforcing a digital mindset where our people learn new ways of working and communicating with the right tools in everyday life that allow direct connection, asynchronous communication, and interaction with every colleague wherever we operate. 
We want to move forward dynamically to seize all opportunities to foster an effective and humane working environment and strengthen the trust relationship with our people in what happens at the bank.
Evolution starts from within

  • We are a large team across the country. Many different generations receive the same respect and equal treatment in the workplace. Thus, we develop harmonious working relationships. 
  •  The digital reshuffle has turned a new page for the bank. We are becoming better by giving even more value to our people and making them shareholders in every change.
  • We always have collaboration in mind, and that's how we manage to have optimism and positive emotions every day. 

Thus, we evolve together with our people, the most important "capital" of the National Bank. In this way, we create a better tomorrow for our customers, people, and society. 


Together, we stay safe

In the unprecedented pandemic period, from the very first moment, we responded swiftly and immediately, established a Committee for Taking Measures, and strengthened daily regular updates for everyone by supporting our people at every step and implementing critical changes to our operating model that had to be made within a short period of time. 
Above all, we prioritize the health, safety, and security of our employees and their families and our customers, partners, and society as a whole. So, from the very beginning, we have adopted strict health and safety protocols for our offices and our stores. We made work from home possible, by successfully implementing remote work from March 2020, changed - where necessary - our internal organization, invested in all the necessary technological tools and developed internal channels of communication and contact with everyone. To this day, we maintain all the necessary measures and respond immediately to any new situation.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Recognizing the challenges we face in the demanding pace of modern life, the difficulties that arise through extraordinary circumstances such as recent natural disasters and the evolution of the pandemic disease, we seek to maintain balance and protect our people's mental and emotional health and their families.
With the Employee Assistance Program, in collaboration with specialized counselors, we offer counseling services for any personal, work, or family issue we face in our daily lives. The use of the service is unlimited and free of charge for our immediate family members with respect to anonymity and confidentiality of communications and us. 
For the smooth introduction of the program, a particular area has been developed on the Bank's Intranet where all the key aspects of the service are posted in detail, and every month detailed articles and/or podcasts are published around various topics such as mindfulness tips, empathy, mental health, support for people with serious illnesses, etc.

Work experience matters

Since 2020 we have been conducting a Work Experience Survey in which all our employees participate. 
The purpose of the Survey is to improve our daily work experience and for employees to express their opinion and views on critical issues and areas that affect it by analyzing categories such as, but not limited to, Engagement Index, Ethics and Integrity, My Work, Leadership & Orientation, My Manager, Customer Focus, etc. We hold open meetings to discuss the results at the team level, and action plans are designed to preserve our strengths and reinforce areas where we can be better and enhance our positive workplace experience. 
With the Survey, additional and contemporary topics, such as the desired frequency for telecommuting in the post-Covid era, are monitored under the aim of getting feedback from our people and designing appropriate schemes that serve human needs in addition to their professional needs.

Enhancing communication with our people

  • CEO Breakfasts and regular updates through CEO Letters combined with bank actions and milestones
  • Annual Network Meeting with 600 participants from the Network and Central Services
  • Executive visits to Network Branches
  • Introduction of a central HR contact center for questions and clarifications needed by our colleagues on a daily basis
  • Anonymous and anonymous internal complaints line to combat harassment and violence
  • Workshops with employees to co-create with them on key issues such as our Purpose & Values
  • Optimizing and streamlining internal communication channels

Evolution starts from within.

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Our team is growing!

Learn all about 20 new job positions at the NBG branch network’s team.

Learn all about 20 new job positions at the NBG branch network’s team.


We aim high, together!


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