Our aim is to always operate in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Conduct, legislation, and the bank's and the group's policies. We actively maintain confidentiality and safeguard your privacy so that you can contact us to report any conduct that is inconsistent with our commitment to you.

Have you noticed any action or practice of Bank executives that raise suspicions of irregularities that may not be in accordance with the Code of Ethics, the legislation and the Policies of the Bank and the Group? Related to practices that may be incompatible with the current legislation or international provisions? Actively assist the Bank and the Group in securing the elimination of tolerance for transactions that are inconsistent with the existing legal framework and rules of conduct.

An incompatible practice may be related to the breach of institutional framework, policies, procedures, rules of conduct.

Indicatively, the suspected breach may be related to:

  • Auditing practices and submission of financial reports (i.e. misconduct that may be related to the financial information published by the Bank)
  • Business integrity (i.e. bribery, falsification of documents, fraud, conflict of interest, unethical behavior)
  • Human resources, diversity and workplace respect (i.e. discrimination, harassment, retaliation)
  • Environment, health and safety
  • Μisuse/misappropriation of corporate assets

Fill in and send us the information that has come to your attention, regarding possible cases of non-compliant or unethical behavior. We would appreciate accuracy and completeness of the information to be included in your report.

Νational Bank of Greece has whistleblowing reporting arrangements in place, that enable the submission of relevant reports in such a way so as to ensure the confidentiality and anonymity of the reports or comments received, as well as the protection against retaliation against anyone who in the context of good faith expresses concerns about misconduct, harassment, discrimination, or other malfunctions / irregularities.

You can address any relevant written or online communication to the following addresses:


Whistleblowing Office - Corporate Governance Division

93 Eolou Street

Athens, 10551

For submitting a report click here.

Your personal details are handled in confidence by our team however you are not obliged to identify yourself when making a report. 

In case you do not have an objection for us to contact you for clarifications, you can fill in some contact information which will not reveal your identity eg, email, fax, phone and we will respect your wish for anonymity, and contact you, if necessary.

Please note that in the event that no contact information is provided, the Reporting Office may not be able to respond to you on obtaining any further information and / or to provide you with relevant information regarding the report you have submitted, which may make it difficult to deal with the issue effectively.

We expect that you raise your concerns in good faith, acting responsibly and professionally.

Thank you very much for your participation in the National Bank's ongoing effort and commitment to maintaining high standards of governance and ethics and preserving the interests of the National Bank's customers, shareholders and employees.

Please note that the above is not a communication channel for customer requests or complaints. If you have encountered a service problem with the Bank or you are not satisfied with our products and services, if you have any questions about the operation of a service or the features of a product, if you want to submit a request or complaint please follow the link below, let us know and we will try to find the solution:


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