We always show sincere concern and respect for each individual. We offer them an environment where effort is rewarded, transparency is supported through clearly defined processes, and professional development is promoted.

Thus, we design and implement actions to identify and integrate the best candidates into the National Bank of Greece family, reinforcing our entrepreneurship and offering new jobs.

Every job is based on our values

  • We operate with transparency and meritocracy.
  • We provide employment opportunities in a dynamic and evolving environment.
  • We respect human values and rights.
  • We empower our teams and aim to develop well-rounded, competent managers who will contribute to the country's social, technological, and economic development.

We seek the best option for our people and the organization and support change

  • We plan and monitor the human resource needs of the Units.
  • We develop job descriptions, capturing responsibilities and specifications - requirements in terms of knowledge, work experience, and skills.
  • We provide opportunities and career development by advertising internal and external jobs in Central Services and the Branch Network.
  • We organize and participate with each business area to select the most suitable candidates, using modern methods and tools.
  • We systematically investigate the aptitudes, skills, and professional abilities of employees, in terms of their potential for utilization, in conjunction with the current and future needs of the organization.
  • We identify and develop employees with high potential and suitability for key positions within the Organization.
  • We design personal development and career plans for targeted groups of employees.
  • We provide counseling and coaching to develop our people further.

Integrated Appraisal & Development System

We recognize everyone's contribution and wish to nurture everyone's skills and develop our people. For this reason, we have introduced a New Appraisal and Development System.

The new system is uniform for all, part of the bank's long-term strategic plan, and helps establish a working environment that recognizes high performance and effectiveness. At the same time, it reinforces the formation of a work culture that aligns with external challenges, vision, values, and people's development needs. It focuses on enhancing their knowledge, skills, and professional behavior through systematic feedback and targeted development actions.

Continuous Education & Training

We proceed with the values of development and people orientation, recognizing that our key advantage is a versatile and evolving workforce characterized by experience, expertise, and understanding of current work trends. Moreover, it is what achieves a high level of service over time and earns our clients' loyalty.

We still have a long tradition in the educational sector. Today, more than ever before, the development and continuous improvement and evolution of the skills of our Human Resources is our primary concern.

For this reason, we created the "NBG Academy" by reshaping and evolving our training strategy with new development programs in many critical thematic areas.

The aim is to develop our people's respective knowledge and skills, discover and implement better ways of daily practice, and strengthen our identity as a National Bank.

In addition, with continuous learning in mind, we provide opportunities for continuous retraining and upgrading of HR skills, supporting, among other things, the acquisition of professional certifications that offer specialized knowledge in various areas of the industry. Being a precious asset in the external and internal labor market, professional certifications for our people, on the one hand, ensure their adequacy to the requirements of the current institutional framework, and on the other hand, significantly enhance their professional status and improve their future prospects.

With the intensification of digital transformation in recent years, we have enhanced and transferred many e-learning programs and interactive workshops into a digital environment, continuing, at the same time, to provide a large number of online seminars (e-learnings), with the aim of strengthening the skills and enriching the knowledge of all employees, in a wide range of cutting-edge topics.



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Our team is growing!

Learn all about 20 new job positions at the NBG branch network’s team.

Learn all about 20 new job positions at the NBG branch network’s team.


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Eleonora Verykiou

“A relationship of trust with our customers. That stands at the core of NBG’s Premium Banking philosophy. And for me, there's no greater recognition and incentive than that to be creative. Because this is what the Bank is all about: this day-to-day contact with our customers, which enhances our creativity and keeps us at the center of developments.”
Eleonora Verykiou
Deputy Branch Manager - Retail Banking, Panormou Branch
Tasiana Anatoli

“As a member of the NBG family for the last 17 years I've gained knowledge, experience and professional fulfilment, all of which are embodied in my effort to provide reliable and effective service to our customers. After all, the strength of NBG lies in its people!”
Tasiana Anatoli
Team Leader Retail Banking, Veroia Branch (325)
Natassa Dourgoutian

“Each day at NBG is a challenge. My role is to serve SMEs in the region as they seek to grow their business, while at the same time I work alongside and guide my team as its members seek to enhance their skills. It’s exciting to be able to provide the help your customers and your colleagues need.”
Natassa Dourgoutian
Executive at Branch Network Strategy Division

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