Since 1841 when we first opened for business, we have been operating in the market in accordance with social responsibility principles, representing a pillar of stability and growth for Greece.  

We offer a wide range of financial products and services that aim to meet the ever-changing needs of our retail and business clients, effectively and comprehensively, and optimize customer experience and satisfaction.

Cutting-edge service – leading you to tomorrow

  • Assisting the growth of small, medium, and large enterprises
    Our ongoing strategy is to channel uninterrupted liquidity to businesses that invest in competitiveness, innovation, extroversion, and job creation – that ultimately lead to the growth of the Greek economy. Accordingly, we support Greek businesses by offering targeted financing tools.
  • We support small and medium-sized enterprises and professionals  
    As part of our endeavor to support small and medium-sized enterprises and professionals (firms with a turnover of up to €2.5 million) as they seek to grow their business, we have undertaken the initiative to offer purpose-designed products for their needs.

We are at your side to give you the best service you could want

  • Service network throughout Greece
  • Cutting-edge digital banking services for individuals and businesses
  • 356 branches and 1,476 ATMs across the entire country
  • Daily phone helpdesk
  • Personal service from our specialized team
  • 183 years

    Founded in 1841
  • 6 million

  • 7.889

    NBG Group employees
  • 2.9 million

    Active Digital Banking users in the past year
  • With our environmentally responsible products, we look forward to tomorrow
    We are fully aware of the impact of climate change, and on the basis of our business capabilities and the responsibility that characterizes our culture, we design and offer banking products to ensure that, working together, we all secure a brighter outlook for the planet.
  • Supporting the agricultural sector
    Recognizing the key significance of the agricultural sector for the economy, as well as its potential for further development, we are implementing an expanded action plan for its support and sustainable development, with  financing tools and solutions across the full range of banking operations.
  • We cultivate Innovation & Technology: NBG Business Seeds Entrepreneurship Support Programme
    In June 2014, we set up  NBG Business Seeds a program that supports innovative entrepreneurship and the creation of dynamic, outward-looking businesses that contribute to the growth of the Greek economy and job creation, regardless of their maturity stage. The program is open to companies that are starting up now with a ready-made or pilot product, companies that already have a clientele and revenues, and mature SMEs with significant revenues, with ideas that have not yet been formed into a business plan or have a business plan needing further refinement.
  • We are committed to the secure processing of your personal data
    At NBG, we take every measure needed to protect the personal data of customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders, and we ensure the legitimate and legal collection and processing of personal data, as well as their safekeeping, in accordance with the provisions of the General Regulation on Data Protection (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and the specific regulatory framework for its implementation. Learn more
  • We are committed to maximizing the security of transactions
    Having invested heavily in the security of our systems, adhering to strict specifications, and following international security standards, the greatest proof of our customers' trust is the ever-increasing number of users of our Internet, Phone, and NBG Mobile Banking services. Learn more  
  • We guarantee transparency and responsible information
    We attach great importance to providing our customers with the right information and we ensure, through our staff and all our procedures, that this is provided in a transparent and objective manner. Learn more
  • We ensure immediate access to our services
    Our principal concern is to provide you with an optimal banking experience whenever you access our services. Accordingly, we have a wide service network across the country while offering sophisticated digital channels that meet the needs of individuals and businesses, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via phone (landline or mobile), Internet, ATMs and APS. Our branches
  • We seek to communicate effectively
    For all of us at NBG, the primary aim is to provide you with first-class service. To this end we have set up communication channels that enable you to ask questions or make comments/complaints or request any information about our products and services. Expressions of dissatisfaction, written or verbal, suggestions for improvements or comments regarding our products and services are all taken into consideration or investigated carefully and addressed as soon as possible. We aim to resolve any problems you may have promptly and establish and maintain a meaningful relationship of trust with you. Complaint form

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