Historical Archive

We respect the past

At National Bank of Greece, we consider it our duty to preserve and disseminate knowledge of the past, so that future generations can create a better tomorrow based on documentation and understanding.

For this reason, we created the Historical Archive of National Bank of Greece (HA/ETE), a multi-purpose center for the documentation of the bank’s and the country's economic, political, cultural, and social history.

Since the establishment of the Historical Archive in 1962, we have aimed to preserve and promote our archival material from 1841 to the present day. Our rich archives and collections include valuable documents of the National Bank of Greece, as well as originals or copies of archives and collections of other banks, companies, institutions and personalities that have come into our Archive's ownership. 

Creating the future

The Historical Archive enables students and the academic community and general public to access valuable historical documents under conditions that meet the highest international standards.  
The files are catalogued, photographed, and digitally organized. The specially designed researcher's room allows access to the electronic system of archival and historical information (electronic index) and the reading and reproduction of the archival and bibliographic material (reading, digitizing, and printing machines for microfilm, photocopiers, etc.).  

In addition to contributing to the research of its archives and collections, the Historical Archive brings the public into contact with the evidence it possesses by carrying out scholarly publications and periodical exhibitions, in Athens and other cities, alongside the permanent exhibition spaces of its own building. Τhe doors are open for individual and group visits and educational programs for all educational levels can be provided.

The Historical Archive is housed in the Diomedes Mansion, originally built in the 1920s, on Tritis Septemvriou Sreet. It was the first building in Greece constructed specifically to house an archive. In 2001, renovation work on the premises was carried out, transforming it into the state-of-the-art and emblematic archive building of today.

For more information you can visit the website of the Historical Archive of National Bank of Greece.

Address - telephone number 

Diomedes Mansion,
Tritis Septemvriou 146, Athens 112 51






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