Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BoD) of NBG consists of prominent members of the international business community and society.

The Board of Directors was elected by the Regular General Meeting of the Shareholders on 30.07.2021, with a three-year term, i.e., until the Regular General Meeting of 2024. During the Regular General Meeting eight (8) out of a total of twelve (12) members of the BoD were appointed as independent non-executive members. On the same date, the BoD convened and decided on its formation as a body.

The composition of the current Board of Directors of the Banks is the following:

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BoD Committees

BoD Committees

You can find all the information on Committees of NBG’s BoD.
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Human resources committee

Human resources committee

See the members of the human resources and remuneration committee
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Risk management committee

Board Risk committee

See the members of the Board Risk Committee
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Audit Committee

Audit committee

See the members of the Audit committee
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Corporate governance committee

Corporate Governance committee

See the members of the Corporate Governance and Nominations Committee
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Strategy and transformation committee

Strategy and Transformation committee

See the members of the Strategy and Transformation Committee
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Regulatory compliance committee

Compliance, Ethics and Culture committee

See the members of the Compliance, Ethics and Culture Committee
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