For 183 years now, we maintain our leading position in our country’s banking sector. We are here to provide guidance and lead every small or big national venture. As we move forward, we focus on people, in order to cover their daily, as well as their greater needs and to create a better future together.

We are here

Our people, our staff, the customers and the shareholders, are our guides for creating a better, more viable future. Our consistent contribution in Greece’s development is the strong foundation on which we create our future, together.

We are a powerful financial organization with a focus on Greece and a long-term presence abroad. We are always governed by transparency, reliability and customer-orientation. Having your best service in mind, we continuously plan advanced products and services, in order to efficiently cover your needs.

NBG Group

7.889 employees in the Bank and subsidiaries focusing on financial services in Greece and abroad: 

A pillar of stability for the Greek economy.  

When we look forward, we see our customers, our human resources and our shareholders. These are our blocks on which we build a better tomorrow.

We always find more, better, and more flexible ways to serve you

  • Integrated service network throughout Greece
  • Modern and advanced digital banking services for individuals and businesses
  • 356 branches and 1.476 ATMs in every corner of Greece.
  • Daily telephone service at + 30 210 4848484
  • Personal service by our specialized team 

We are a strong financial institution

Οur operations are always governed by transparency, trustworthiness and human- centeredness. Having your best service in mind, we continuously plan advanced products and services, in order to efficiently cover your needs.
  • 183 years

    Founded in 1841
  • 6 million

  • 7.889

    Group employees
  • 2.9 million

    Active Digital Banking users for the last year

With respect towards the environment and society, as well as with an immense sense of responsibility towards the people, we invest constantly in sustainable growth.

This is why we developed and have been implementing our transformation. We change, to be able to offer even more. We modernize our bank to continue contributing to the development of our economy. We improve ourselves to provide better and faster services. This is our commitment.

We rely on our values, and we keep evolving every day. We are:


  • Your needs and choices are at the centre of everything we do.


  • We operate with transparency, knowledge and experience.


  • We provide flexible solutions tailored to your needs.

A Growth catalyst 

  • We accelerate progress and prosperity

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ESG -  Εnvironment - Society - Governance

ESG -  Εnvironment - Society - Governance

See our actions and initiatives about sustainable growth.
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Studies and Economic Analyses

Economic Analysis and Reports

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In the heart of NBG

In the heart of NBG

Our people is our most valued investment.
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Contact Information

Contact Information

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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

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Our values are our guide

Our values

Human. Trustworthy. Responsive. Growth catalyst.
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